Outstanding workpiece capacity with support from a massive saddle


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Like all TRAK SX Bed Mills, the DPM SX5P features:

  • A solid ram that moves along the column providing mass for heavy cuts
  • Generous Z-axis CNC travel
  • Strong and rigid construction
  • Two or three-axis CNC operation, your choice
  • Programmable spindle speeds
  • Precision ground ballscrews installed in the table, saddle and column
  • Manual quill with integrated quill and ram encoders.
  • Wide way surfaces that are hardened and ground, slide ways are Turcite® coated.

With these important differences:

  • 5 hp spindle motor
  • Standard electronic handwheels with selectable fine/coarse handwheel resolution
  • 4400 lbs of machine mass
  • NMTB40 spindle taper and almost 4” quill diameter
  • 40” x 20” X and Y travels
  • Table Size - 50" x 12"
  • Travel (X, Y, Z axis) - 40 x 20 x 23.5"
  • Quill Diameter - 3 15/16"
  • Maximum Quill Travel - 5"
  • Spindle Taper - NMTB 40
  • Spindle Speed Range  - 40-600, 300-5000
  • Spindle Center to Column Face - 20"
  • Spindle Motor Power - 5 HP
  • Power requirements, control - 110V; 1P; 8A
  • Power requirements, machine - 220V;3P; 17A
  • Maximum Weight of Workpiece - 1760 lbs.
  • Height of table from bottom of bed - 41"
  • Max spindle nose to table - 23.5"
  • Min height - 87"
  • Max height - 98"
  • Width of machine including table - 94"
  •  Length with electric box door closed - 71"
  • Overall width incl full table traverse - 136"
  • Overall length with electrical door open - 81"
  • Footprint of Machine - 24" x 48.4"
  • Weight net / shipping lbs. - 4400 / 4600
  • Rapid traverse X, Y, Z - 150 IPM
  • Auto Lube Pump
  • Precision ground ballscrews in the table, saddle and ram
  • Chrome hardened and ground quill
  • Meehanite castings
  • Slide ways are Turcite® coated
  • Wide way surfaces are hardened and ground
  • Drilling max capacity - 1" dia.
  • Milling max capacity - 5 inch3/min
  • Tapping max capacity - 1"

The ProtoTRAK SMX is a powerful CNC for milling machines that lets
you choose the capability that is right for you.



  • Advanced Capability
  • Easy Transition between manual, 2-axis and 3-axis CNC.
  • Always easy to learn and use - even for the most advanced operations


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  • Auxiliary Function 
  • Chip Pan / Splash Shield
  • Coolant Pump
  • Glass Scales on table and saddle
  • Halogen Worklamp
  • Limit Switches
  • Power Drawbar
  • Remote Stop/Go switch
  • Spray Coolant
  • Table Guard Enclosure
  • Vise
  • Advanced Features with Verify (CNC option)
  • Networking (CNC option)
  • DXF File Converter (CNC option)
  • Parasolid Converter (CNC option)


Manual Name Part Number Version Size
The Parasolid Converter Operating Manual 28070 092812 561 KB Download PDF
TRAK DPMSX2, SX3 &  SX5 Safety, Installation, Maintenance, Service & Parts List Manual 24317 032015 12.17 MB Download PDF
TRAK DPMSX2, DPMSX3, DPMSX5, FHM5, FHM7 & ProtoTRAK SMX CNC Safety, Programming, Operating, & Care 24495 032015 4.37 MB Download PDF


Title Filename Version Size
ProtoTRAK SMX / SLX Verify Software Option 1.05 3.2 MB Download
ProtoTRAK DXF Converter Option Version 3.2 for SMX, SLX 2.76 MB Download
ProtoTRAK SMX/SLX Control 5.11 1.4 MB Download
ProtoTRAK OFFLINE PT4SXOL sxol_511.exe 5.11 (SMX & SLX Controls) 23.1 MB Download
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Parts Support Policy
  • SWI supports all its products for as long as the components are reasonably available.
  • Many electronic components are eligible for exchange. See the service price list.
  • All exchanges and repairs must have an RMA number issued by the SWI Service Department.
  • An evaluation fee of $75 is applied to units sent in for repair. If repair is not authorized, this fee is still charged (even if the unit is exchanged).
  • Both repaired and exchange units have a warranty of 90 days.

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Express Exchange Policy
  • The Express Exchange is an exchange of a failed component for a (usually) rebuilt component that has previously failed and has been repaired, brought up to current revision and subjected to the rigorous testing and QC applied to new units.
  • The Express Exchange provides for the exchange part to be shipped to you before you send in the failed part.
  • The price of the exchange part is a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
  • This low price assumes that the failed part will be returned to us so that we can salvage the parts for future exchange units.
  • There will be no credits issued when you send back the failed part. The credit is built into the price of the exchange.
  • If you do not send the failed part back to us we will send you another invoice for the difference between the Exchange Price and List Price on the part we didn’t receive.