Knowing the products you sell is key to understanding how your customers can benefit from their use. The challenges, the rewards — they are all best addressed by those who practice what they preach.

With the introduction of the 3ntr line of 3D printers, TRAK Machine Tools has developed the necessary expertise to do just that.

New 3D printing applications are created every day at TMT. While the priority is to support customers as they learn and grow with AM, there's quite a bit of development happening with in-house operations such as the TRAK machine shop, electronic assembly and machine tool assembly lines. The production of end-use parts continues to expand as the company realizes the potential for quick and efficient solutions.

These four parts illustrate the benefits of 3D printing:

  • Prototype to production in as little as two days
  • Ready-to-use parts with no post-processing
  • Low volume production of custom tooling at a low cost
  • Freed machine shop assets for other work

The problem-solving potential of additive manufacturing is limitless. Consider these parts and the roles they play at TRAK Machine Tools. You will likely imagine 3D printed solutions that fit your needs and those of your customers.

TRAK Machine Tools offers complete additive manufacturing solutions including sales, customer support and team-based training to get you on the right track to printing successfully. TRAK also sells service parts and filament for 3ntr 3D printers.

The parts on this page were developed using 3ntr's A2 and A4 Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printing Systems and KISSlicer software.

Application: Remote Stop/Go Switch Holder
3D Printing Application: Alignment Jig
Holder attaches to the back of the ProtoTRAK® RMX control
  • Build Material: ASA
  • Support Material: HIPS
Application: Vise Soft Jaws
3D Printing Application: Vise Soft Jaws
Soft jaws for workpieces with complex shapes
  • Build Material: Tech-G
  • Support Material: HIPS
Application: Keylock Wrench
3D Printing Application: Keylock Wrench
Assembly tool for key switch of the TRAK VMC
  • Build Material: ASA
  • Support Material: HIPS
Application: Drill Jig
3D Printing Application: Drill Jig
Jig for VMC Z axis electronic handwheel mount
  • Build Material: ASA
  • Support Material: HIPS

Time Lapse Photography of 3D Printed Parts

Remote Stop/Go Switch Holder
Vise Soft Jaws
Keylock Wrench
Drill Jig