Carbon Fiber ABS

Category: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Material Information

Name: Carbon Fiber ABS
Source: Airwolf 3D

Our carbon fiber ABS is a composite material that offers the stability and strength of ABS, but with added lightweight strength and a lower tendency to warp. The material is highly printable with finished parts that are rugged, yet refined — and the material offers the same post-processing options as regular ABS. Whether you need to fully customize the appearance of your print or desire a shinier finish, ABS CF can be sanded, primed, painted or finished with an acetone vapor treatment. While ABS CF responds beautifully to post-processing techniques, its unique appearance looks beautiful on its own. The carbon fiber ABS filament prints in a deep shade of graphite with an exceptionally even, semimatte finish.

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    ABS - CF
    ABS - CF

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    Mechanical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Ultimate Tensile Strength ISO 527 46 MPa
    Tensile Modulus ISO 527 5210 MPa
    Elongation at Break ISO 527 2 %
    Flexural Strength ISO 178 76
    Flexural Modulus ISO 178 5260

    Thermal Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    HDT @ 0.45 MPa ISO 75 76 °C
    Glass Transition Temp DSC 105 °C

    Physical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Density ISO 1183 1.11 g/cm³

    Print Settings

    Subject Airwolf
    Extruder Temperature
    • 252°C
    Bed Temperature
    • 118°C
    Bed Preparation
    • WolfBite Original for ABS
    Cooling Fan
    • Yes
    Closed Chamber
    • Yes
    Heated Chamber
    • Yes
    Chamber Temperature
    • Enable chamber heater.

    Material Management

    Subject Airwolf
    • Store in a cool dry place.

    Slicer Settings

    Parameter APEX
    Material Profile Name Carbonite ABS
    Layer Height 0.2 mm
    Nozzle Diameter 0.5 mm
    Loops 0.6
    Skin 1
    Infill 33 %

    General Comments


    • High stiffness
    • High tensile strength
    • High heat tolerance
    • High chemical resistance
    • Low weight
    • Low thermal expansion
    • Parts can be smoothed with acetone vapors
    • Higher melting point than PLA or PETG


    • Ideal for any applications which require light weight and rigidity.
    • Carbon fiber reinforced parts, designed to use less material and save weight, is extremely popular in aerospace, civil engineering, the military, and motorsports.


    • We currently recommend a hardened steel nozzle with a minimum diameter of 0.4mm.
    • Ideal layer height is 60% of nozzle diameter. We do not recommend printing layers smaller than 0.2mm with carbon fiber reinforced filaments.

    Printing Skill & Experience - Advanced

    • Use enclosed chamber to avoid part warp.
    • Dry material before printing.
    • ABS fumes are harmful, always ensure the HEPA filter is ON.