iglide I180-PF

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Material Information

Name: iglide I180-PF
Source: Plural Additive Manufacturing

Components made of igus® tribo-filament are up to 50 times more wear-resistant than standard materials for 3D printing and therefore have an extremely long service life. Due to their excellent tribological properties, they are suited for 3D printing of replacement parts for e.g., bearings, drive nuts, gears and other parts. This filament can be processed on 3D printers that are based on the fused-deposition-modelling method (FDM/FFF) and that allow the nozzle temperature to be set as required.

  • Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • 3ntr Printing Guide
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    Dual Cross, Iglide I180-PF + ASA

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    Recommended Support Materials

    Mechanical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Flexural Modulus 1000 MPa
    Flexural Strength 44 / 33 MPa
    Max permissible surface pressure at 20°C 30 MPa

    Thermal Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Highest long term service temperature 100 °C
    Highest short-term service temperature 120 °C
    Highest short term ambient temperature 120 °C
    Lowest service temperature -40 °C

    Physical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Density 1.21 g/cm³
    Saturation with moisture absorption at 23°C / 50% RH 0.3 weight %
    Saturation with water 0.9 weight %

    Electrical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Specific Volume Resistivity 10^12 Ω cm
    Surface Resistivity 10^11 Ω

    Print Settings

    Subject 3ntr
    Extruder Temperature
    • 250°C
    Bed Temperature
    • 115°C
    Bed Preparation
    • Clean with isopropyl alcohol before and after every print.
    Cooling Fan
    • Off
    Closed Chamber
    • Yes
    Heated Chamber
    • Yes
    Chamber Temperature
    • 60°C
    • iGlide I18-PF is usually used along with another build material. In that case, the print style (loops, infill, skin, etc.) can be driven by the other material.

    Material Management

    Subject 3ntr


    • 60°C

    Dry Time

    • Heat only → 6 hours
    • Heat +Vacuum → 2 hours
    • Moisture free container.
    Recommended Support Material
    • SSU00
    Compatible Materials
    • ASA

    Slicer Settings

    Parameter KISSlicer (0.4mm) SSI (0.4mm)
    Material Profile Name IGUS I180-PF (0.4) IGUS I180-PF
    Layer Height 0.175 – 0.225 mm 0.175 – 0.225 mm
    Loops 0.4 0.4
    Skin 10.5 10.5
    Infill 20% 20%

    General Comments


    • High abrasion resistance
    • Good mechanical properties
    • Lubrication-free
    • Silent operation and smooth sliding
    • Resistance to dirt
    • Long service life
    • Corrosion-resistant


    • Prototype constructions
    • Small batches
    • Construction tests


    • The printed parts are not chemically affected by the chemicals outlined in the Chemical Resistance sheet, but their dimensions may change after moisture absorption.
    • When heated above +300 °C, hazardous fumes are produced, therefore, good ventilation should be provided.

    Printing Skill & Experience - Expert