Nylon TPE

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Material Information

Name: Nylon TPE
Source: PCTPE from Airwolf

PCTPE has several unique features that allow any user to print a highly flexible part with the added durability of our nylon polymers. This combination of polymers was developed specifically to allow anyone using current FFF 3D Printers to print parts from durable prosthetics to complete cosplay wearable outfits, cell phone enclosures as well as highly flexible utility/industrial parts. The flexibility of PCTPE means that the end parts will have the smooth lustrous texture of nylon, the added flexibility offered by a rubber like TPE, yet maintain the high durability and non-delaminating benefits of all 3D Printing materials.

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    Company Available Colors
    Airwolf3D.com Buy Now Black, Natural

    Mechanical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Ultimate Tensile Strength 34.79 MPa
    Elongation at Break 497.6 %

    Thermal Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Glass Transition Temp 74 °C

    Physical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Density 1.113 g/cm³

    Print Settings

    Subject Airwolf
    Extruder Temperature
    • 250°C
    Bed Temperature
    • 50°C
    Cooling Fan
    • Yes
    Heated Chamber
    • Yes
    Chamber Temperature
    • Yes

    Material Management

    Subject Airwolf
    • Keep filament in containers that are tightly closed, in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

    Slicer Settings

    Parameter APEX
    Material Profile Name PCTPE
    Layer Height 0.24
    Nozzle Diameter 0.5 mm
    Loops 0.6
    Skin 1.2
    Infill 42 %

    General Comments


    • Low shrinkage
    • Super layer to layer bonding that allows for single perimeter walls to be folded along thread axis.
    • Takes on any acid-based color dye (RITT) very fast = 5 min @ 140F
    • Takes on acid based antimicrobial coatings for footwear and prosthetics.


    • Prosthetics
    • Cell phone enclosures
    • Wearable texture
    • Flexible utility and industrial parts

    Printing Skill & Experience - Advanced