PA 645-B (Bridge Nylon)

Category: PA

Material Information

Name: PA 645-B (Bridge Nylon)
Source: Airwolf 3D

Bridge Nylon started with a strong base polymer used for a percentage of PA 645, and was enhanced in order to get better characteristics.

  • Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • Airwolf 3D Printing Guide
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    Mechanical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Ultimate Tensile Strength 33 MPa
    Elongation at Break 248 %

    Thermal Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Glass Transition Temp 52 °C

    Certifications & Tests

    Standard Value Unit

    Print Settings

    Subject Airwolf
    Extruder Temperature
    • 260°C
    Bed Temperature
    • 70C
    Bed Preparation
    • WolfBite NITRO
    Cooling Fan
    • Yes; Speed: 3% - 10%
    Closed Chamber
    • Yes
    Heated Chamber
    • Yes

    Material Management

    Subject Airwolf
    Recommended Support Material
    • N/A
    • Keep filament in containers that is tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.
    Compatible Materials
    • None

    Slicer Settings

    Parameter APEX
    Material Profile Name Bridge
    Layer Height 0.2
    Nozzle Diameter 0.5 mm
    Loops 0.6
    Skin 1
    Infill 42 %

    General Comments


    • Better adherence to the Printing Platform compared to PA 645
    • Reduced water up-take compared to PA 645
    • Reduced Shrinkage compared to PA 645
    • Non-destructive evaluation compared to PA 645


    • Surface Texture
    • Living Hinge
    • Use of taps and threads
    • CNC finish tooling
    • 3D forging
    • Printed prosthesis
    • Robotic assemblies
    • Dye uptake

    Printing Skill & Experience - Advanced

    • Requires little or no drying in winter. Needs warming up in summer.