Category: Support

Material Information

Name: SSU09
Source: 3ntr / Plural Additive Manufacturing

SSU09 is a soluble support solution for a wide range of materials.  Profiles are currently available for ABS, ASA, PC-ABS, PA910, PA645 and PA4500.  More materials will be added as testing is accomplished and profiles are developed.

SSU09 requires a mild alkaline solution for dissolution which is made with the required Wave powder.  Wave powder is available in 960 gram containers which, after dilution in water at the rate of 960 grams per 8 liters of water, will dissolve approximately .75kg of support material.

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    Material Management

    Subject 3ntr
    Compatible Materials
    • ABS
    • ASA
    • PC-ABS
    • PA910
    • PA645
    • PA4500