TRAK Presents

3D Printers from 3ntr

  • Wide range of materials
  • Temperature-Controlled build chambers
  • Generous capacity
  • Simultaneously prints 3 different materials

High Quality, Functional Parts Low Cost Per Part Accurate, Repeatable Process

Beyond the hype surrounding 3D printing are the realities of physics and chemistry. With the A2 and A4 from 3ntr you will master those realities to achieve prototypes that stand up to field testing as well as long lasting end-use parts.
3ntr 3D Printer Build Chamber

Build Chamber

  • Generous capacity for parts up to 23″ x 13″ x 19″ (depending on configuration)
  • Individually controlled heating elements to achieve optimal accuracy and finish from the material you use
    • Nozzle up to 806° F (430° C)
    • Bed up to 320° F (160° C)
    • Chamber to 194° F (90° C)
  • HEPA filtered air flow to limit contamination
3ntr 3D Printer Bed

Printer Bed

  • Reusable bed for thousands of prints with minimal maintenance
  • Optional PEI Diamond Tray
3ntr 3D Printer Extruders

3 Extruders

  • One extruder for support material
  • Two extruders for build material
  • Allows combinations of materials on a single build
  • Liquid cooling at each extruder for precise temperature control
  • Unprecedented freedom in design
  • Tungsten Carbide Bliss nozzles (optional)
3ntr 3D Printer Web Camera and Monitoring

Integrated Camera & Web Monitoring

  • Monitor the build process from another location
  • Make remote adjustments through the web interface
3ntr 3D Printer Material Management

The World's Best Material Management System (optional)

  • Protect your expensive spooled material
  • UV-free
  • Low humidity
  • Real-time monitor displays material usage and amount remaining
  • Holds up to six actively mounted spools
  • Feed into the printer, keeping the spool protected
  • Doubles as printer base
3ntr 3D Printer User Interface

Powerful, Flexible User Interface

KISSlicer is powerful software that prepares STL files for optimized printing. The user interface enables you to select preloaded settings or to adjust dozens of variables yourself.

  • Adaptive Layer Control — enables you to optimize layers
  • Preload — precise control of how the printer extrudes filament
  • Expert Mode — enables you to precisely set variables for your own unique configurations
  • Fractional Number of Loops — improves bonding between loops and infill
  • Lock Paths — lets you configure different styles for different parts on a single print
  • Wizards — guides the processes of setting up Profiles and Tuning the material flow
  • Object Packer — to maximize the output on the build table

...and dozens more innovative features!

Materials development is the new technology frontier in 3D printing. Many of the world’s top chemical engineers are racing to develop the thermoplastics of tomorrow. But many new, innovative materials already exist. With the Open Materials platform on 3ntr Printers, you are free to explore and develop superior solutions.

Or stay with the tried and true. We’ve done the research and established Material Profiles for dozens of materials, with more added all the time. We’ll give you advice for getting the best results, including the type of Support Materials that will work best.
3ntr ABS and ASA Materials


You will love the results you get when printing these standards of the industry. You are free to use your own sources for the material, but we also offer formulations especially made for 3D printers.
3ntr Support Material

Support Material

With the 3ntr, you can have a different support material and build material. Choices include break-away and soluble material that complement the build material. Your part finishes and delicate features will come out beautifully.
Design For Additive

Design For Additive (like never before)

Your imagination gets a boost from the multi-material capability of 3ntr printers. The part shown here is the result of combining formerly separate parts to achieve a single design, integrating a hose and filter housing.
Material Combinations

Combine Materials for Lower Cost

The part shown here was made with a combination of two different build materials. For the internal shaft, IGUS Iglidur is used for self-lubricating and hardness. To minimize the part expense, the body is made of ASA.
Rubber-like Materials

Rubber-like Materials

The controlled build chamber and powerful software enables you to make soft, rubber-like components.
Multiple Colors

Multiple Colors

You can print in two colors simultaneously.
Large and Complex Parts

Large & Complex

This part requires the precision of an industrial grade 3D printer. Soluble support material was used to preserve the precision of the delicate features.

Material Information

Listed below are just some of the options available. 3D printer materials are available on our parts & accessories website.

Material Density Max. Operating Temp. Elongation at Break Max. Tensile Strength (PSI) Flamability (UL94) Use Cases Nozzle Type Heating Chamber
ABS 1.05 85° C 5.52% 1539 HB General use Std. Yes
ASA 1.07 95° C 10.00% 2010 TBD High UV resistance; general use Std. Yes
Casting "Wax" 1.1 - - - - Investment casting pattern material with very low ash (.03%) at burnout Std. Yes
(GF polypropylene)
.94 ~150° C 1.6% 8700 TBD Designed for functional prototyping, industrial tooling, etc... Tungsten Yes
IGUS Iglidur 1.21 90° C - - - Printed-in-place bearing and low friction surfaces Std. Yes
nPOWER (PPS) 1.27 210° C 7.40% 1966 VO Self-extinguishing, high temp, extreme chemical resistance Std./HT* Yes
Nylon 645 1.15 120° C 186% 5188 HB Chemical resistance of Nylon 6,6 with slightly lower HDT Std. Yes
PACF** 1.14 100° C 4% 9267 HB High fatigue resistance Tungsten Yes
PCABS 1.13 109° C 8.40% 2006 HB Fast print, high impact resistance, metal plating Std. Yes
PEKK 1.29 172° C @ 1.8 MPa 2-4% ~7000 V94 Developing, annealing required for max. performance Std./HT* Yes
TECH-G 1.27 75° C 3% 5900 - Good chemical & fatigue resistance, FDA CFR 177.1315 for food & drink Std. Yes
Elasto85A 1.19 95° C 680% 3700 - Elasto/soft parts Std.* No
Elasto95A 1.22 95° C 580% 5650 - Elasto/semi-soft parts Std.* No
Elasto75D 1.18 95° C 295% 6900 - Elasto/tough parts Std.* No

Material Management System — Industry-leading Safety & Performance

3ntr 3D Printer with Material Management System
3ntr A2 3D Printer shown with MMSv2 Material Management System

Enhanced Material Performance & Life

  • Keep materials dry and printing at their best
  • Stop material and part quality from degrading over time
  • Have multiple materials ready to print quickly & easily without storage hassles

Cost Effective Manufacturing

  • Optimize material usage while saving time, reducing failed prints and improving part quality
  • 24/7 printing with remote monitoring & control

Monitor Material Quantities in Realtime

  • Live readout of remaining material of each of 6 reels on MMS display on included 10″ wireless tablet
  • Remote readout via web browser of type of material loaded at each position, and its remaining length2

Integrated HEPA/VOC Control

  • Environmental protection from volatile organic compounds
  • Fully integrated filtration system with activated charcoal

Material Performance Enhancing Safety, Storage & Measurement Solution

Introducing the Material Management System (MMS) for optimized material handling with integrated HEPA and volatile organic compound health protection. The MMS keeps material dry for optimized bonding, performance and the best possible surface finish.

The automated weighing and reporting system provides you with real-time remaining material status for up to six spools at a time (from 4kg to 500g spools), any three of which are fed to the printer.

The MMS also manages power, requiring only one 220V connection for the cabinet which supplies the correct power and voltage to the printer, the print server and the web camera.

The MMS system includes an industrial, fanless print server with the power to support live video streaming of HD quality print monitoring, and increases storage from 16GB SD card standard with the printer to 128GB SSD for time-lapse recordings, virtually unlimited gcode storage and increased robustness.

The MMS features chamber heating (40°C), a powerful desiccant drying solution, integrated HEPA filtration with activated charcoal stage to control VOCs, increased connectivity options and a 10″ wireless screen control.

Enabling industry-leading safety, print quality, part size capability and user convenience, 3ntr printers with the MMS offer the best, most cost effective open material industrial additive manufacturing solutions available.

MMS Specifications

  • Width: 38.125″ / 96.84 cm
  • Height: 32.5″ / 82.55 cm
  • Depth: 36″ / 91.44 cm
  • Weight: 290 lbs / 132 kg
  • Shipping Size & Weight: 42″ x 42″ x 36″; 370 lbs / 168 kg
  • Power Requirements: 220V - 15A


Dimensional Data

A2 A4
Printer Dimensions 940 x 715 x 1125 mm
37 x 32 x 44.3″
528 x 515 x 615 mm
20.7 x 20.2 x 24.2″
Printer Weight 110 kg (242 lbs.) 43 kg (94 lbs.)
Shipping Dimensions 1041 x 831 x 1321 mm
41 x 32.7 x 52″
681 x 620 x 920 mm
26.8 x 24.4 x 36.2″
Shipping Weight 226 kg (498 lbs.) 69 kg (152 lbs.)

Electro/Mechanical Data

A2 A4
Ambient Operating Temperature 16-32° C (61-90° F)
Storage Operating Temperature 5-40° C (41-104° F)
AC Input 220/230 VAC - 15A 110/120 VAC - 15A
Power Supply 24 VDC - 13A
Connectivity USB, Micro SD, LAN
Steel Cabinet/Frame Construction 2mm (.08″) Powder Coated
Clear Panels Polycarbonate
Heated Print Bed Anticorodal 6082

Printing Specifications

A2 A4
Printer Technology FFF (Fused FIlament Fabrication)
Number of Extruders 2 or 3
Maximum X-Y Axis Speed 300 mm/s (11.8″/s)
Maximum Z Axis Speed 2 mm/s (.08″/s)
Maximum Extruders Speed 43 mm/s (1.7″/s)
Build Envelope — W x D x H1 600 x 325 x 500 mm
23.6 x 12.7 x 19.6″
295 x 195 x 190 mm
11.6 x 7.6 x 7.4″
Positioning Precision — X-Y Axes 11 Microns (.000433″)
Positioning Precision — Z Axis 5 Microns (.0002″)
Positioning Precision — Extruders .9 Microns
Filament Diameter 2.85 mm +/- .1 mm
Standard Nozzle Diameter2 .4 mm (.01575″)
Maximum Extruder Temperature3 430° C (806° F)
Maximum Heated Bed Temperature4 160° C (320° F)
Maximum Heated Chamber Temperature5 90° C (194° F)
Minimum Layer Thickness 50 Microns (.00197″)
1 A4 depth (D) is 39 mm (1.54”) less with three nozzles installed, A2 is 35 mm (1.38”) less 2 Available nozzles: .3 mm, .4 mm, .6 mm, .8 mm & .4 mm hardened anti-abrasion 3 Standard / Optional maximum nozzle temperature: 430° C on 2 of 3 nozzles 4 Measured at the heater on the aluminum print base 5 In conjunction with heated bed at maximum temperature

All specifications are subject to change due to ongoing research and product development.

A2v4 3D Printer by 3ntr A2 3D Printer from 3ntr
A4v4 3D Printer by 3ntr A4 3D Printer from 3ntr