• Program easily with simple selections and prompts in plain English
  • The ProtoTRAK EMX defines the tool path for you once you define the part geometry
Canned Cycles
  • Posn/ Drill
  • Bolt Hole
  • Mill
  • Arc
  • Pocket
  • Frame
  • Rotate
  • Repeat

Part Graphics

  • Press the LOOK key while programming to see programmed events with color graphics

Math Helps

  • Quickly calculate intersections, points of tangency, arc centers and more.

DRO Routines

  • View the most useful DRO features in a clear, color display
  • Press the Power Feed and Jog Buttons to let the servo motors do most of the work
  • Ball screws provide smooth, positive control while hand cranking

Easy Program Storage and Handling

• Save hundreds of typical programs on the internal flash drive
• Use the USB port to plug in a storage device or move programs between ProtoTRAKs and computers
• Use the optional USB flash drive that is configured to work with ProtoTRAK

ProtoTRAK EMX CNC Specifications