Polypropylene Filament

Category: PP

Material Information

Name: Polypropylene Filament
Source: Airwolf 3D

Polypropylene is widely used for automotive and other industrial applications. It is chemically resistant while being almost completely waterproof. In addition, black polypropylene is widely regarded for its superior UV resistance.

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    Mechanical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Ultimate Tensile Strength ISO 527 12.8 MPa
    Elongation at Break ISO 527 716 %

    Hardness Shore

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Durometer Hardness ISO 868 Shore D55

    Thermal Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Vicat Softening Temperature ISO 306 115 °C

    Physical Properties

    Property Standard Value Unit
    Density ISO 1183 0.89 g/cm³
    Melt Flow Rate ISO 1183 20.0 g/10min

    Print Settings

    Subject Airwolf
    Extruder Temperature
    • 220°C
    Bed Temperature
    • 70°C
    Bed Preparation
    • Wolfbite ULTRA
    Cooling Fan
    • Yes
    Closed Chamber
    • Yes
    Heated Chamber
    • Yes
    Chamber Temperature


    Material Management

    Subject Airwolf
    • Information not available from Airwolf 3D
    Recommended Support Material
    • Information not available from Airwolf 3D
    • Store in a cool, dry container. Avoid heat, flames and/or ignition sources.
    Compatible Materials
    • Information not available from Airwolf 3D

    Slicer Settings

    Parameter APEX
    Material Profile Name Polypropylene
    Layer Height 0.22 mm
    Nozzle Diameter 0.5 mm
    Loops 0.6
    Skin 1.1
    Infill 42 %

    General Comments


    • Very good heat resistance
    • Chemically resistant
    • Nearly waterproof
    • Tear resistant
    • High UV Resistance


    • Food packaging
    • Medical applications
    • IT equipment
    • Applications that require softness and heat resistance
    • Living hinges
    • Automotive


    • Because polypropylene is prone to warping, use Wolfbite ULTRA Bed Adhesive™ to bond polypropylene plastic parts to the build plate to allow printing without lifting and to enable smooth release of objects after printing.
    • Keep material away from heat, flames, or ignition sources.

    Printing Skill & Experience - Advanced

    • To help adhesion, increase line count on skirt (min: 4).
    • Use heated enclosure to control warping & adhesion.