TRAK Operational Status

March 20, 2020

On March 19, 2020, in coordination with the State of California, the Health Officer for the County of Los Angeles issued a “Safer at Home” order to try to slow down the spread of COVID-19.  You can see the full text of that order here.

TRAK Machine Tools clearly falls under the definitions of Essential Business contained in this order.  
   (n) Businesses that supply other Essential Businesses with the support or supplies necessary to operate.
   (q) Businesses that provide parts and service for Essential Infrastructure.
   (u) Military/Defense Contractors/FFRDC.

Through our field operations and indirectly through our customers, we provide products and services that are key to the operations of Essential Businesses (and Government Entities) engaged in Defense, Medical Devices, Energy, Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Law Enforcement, Food Cultivation, Food Production, Packaging, Construction, Media and many others.  

As an Essential Business, we have a duty to continue to operate as close as we can to a normal level.

As of now, our concerns include:

Possible Absenteeism. The effects of COVID-19 are widespread, and include not only the sickness itself, but other problems for our employees such as concerns for high-risk loved ones and loss of child care resources.  We believe that there will be more than normal absenteeism over the foreseeable future.  As of now, we do not believe this will be a significant hindrance on our ability to serve our customers.

Possible Supply Chain problems.  We are in constant touch with our suppliers.  The majority are reporting that they are operating at or near normal levels.  In addition, our inventory stocks in-house are very healthy.  We do not think we will run out of materials for the foreseeable future.

Those concerns notwithstanding, we will do our duty to the utmost of our ability.  At the same time, we will continue to vigorously follow practices that keep our employees, visitors and customers safe and healthy.

Steve Pinto
TRAK Machine Tools