Machines featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC


Our most advanced knee mill designed for 3-axis work

  • 3-axis CNC, 3-axis DRO
  • 3HP spindle motor and R8 spindle taper
  • Travels X, Y and Z: 32" x 16" x 4.9"
  • Table size: 50" x 10"


High-end CNC for one-off and small lot work

  • Available on TRAK mills and as a knee millretrofit for over 40 makes and models
  • Powerful but easy to learn and use
  • 2 or 3-axis CNC, 3-axis DRO
  • Run in manual or CNC mode
  • Runs ProtoTRAK conversational language, G-code, CAM, 2 and 3-D CAD converter software, and Verify Simulation software*

* Some features are optional

Specifications for TRAK K3SX-3

ProtoTRAK CNC Model SMX Table Size 50" x 10"
1,270 x 254 mm
T-Slots (Number x Width) 3 x 16mm Travel (X, Y, Z Axis) 32" x 16" x 4.9"
812.8 x 406.4 x 124.46 mm
Quill Diameter 3.375"
85.72 mm
Maximum Quill Travel 5"
127 mm
Spindle Taper R8 Spindle Speed Range RPM 70 - 4200
Spindle Center to Column Face N/A
No Aplica
Spindle Motor HP 3
Power Requirements, control 110V/1P/12 Amp Power Requirements, Machine 220/440V, 3P, 8.5/4.3 Amp
Maximum Weight of Workpiece 750 lbs
340.19 kg
Height Of Table From Bottom Of Bed 37.5" - 49"
952.5 - 1244 mm
Max Spindle Nose To Table 3" - 16.5"
76 - 419 mm
Min Height 87"
2.2098 m
Max Height 91"
2.311 m
Width Of Machine Including Table 68"/73"
1.7272/1.8542 m
Overall Length With Electric Door Closed 62"
1.5748 m
Overall Width Inc Full Table Traverse 105"
2.667 m
Overall Length With Electrical Door Open 72"
1.828 m
Footprint Of Machine 23" x 37.5"
1.9 x 2.7 m
Weight Net / Shipping Lbs. 2820/3100 lbs
1,279 / 1,406 kg
Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z 100 IPM
Handwheel Type Mechanical, electronic optional Way Surface Type Dovetail X, Z, Square Y
Drilling Max Capacity (diameter) 1" dia
25.4 mm
Milling Max Capacity 3 inch^3/min
7,620 mm^3/min
Tapping Max Capacity N/A
No Aplica

Options See All

Advanced Features with Verify incorporates 3D solid model machining simulation software that allows you to quickly and easily proof your ProtoTRAK mill and lathe programs prior to cutting chips.

Not available for EMX / ELX products.

The auto lubrication for the ways and ballscrews is wired to operate while the spindle is running. Discharge times and intervals are set on the lube pump.

Not available for model K3EMX Knee Mills.

The Auxiliary functions provide program control of spray mist or coolant, spindle off, and interface to a programmable rotary table or indexer.

Standard on model FHM7 Bed Mill.

Not available for models K3EMX and K3SMX Knee Mills or 2-axis retrofits.

Chip pan for TRAK Knee Mills.

Powerful software that imports DXF file information and provides the user interface to add the data necessary to complete the part program. Same user friendly format as the ProtoTRAK programming

Not available for EMX / ELX CNC model machines.

The powerful Parasolid Converter makes it easy for you to generate ProtoTRAK mill programs from Parasolid 3D CAD files.

Not available for model EMX / ELX machines or retrofits.

The optional coolant pump is mounted on the back of the machine column. It is wired into the electrical panel for operation through the Accessory key on the CNC front panel. A manual switch is provided for ProtoTRAK EMX and SMX CNC two-axis models, or if Auxiliary Function option is not ordered.

A popular brand of glass scale  mounted on the table and saddle.

Convenient light with bright, long lasting halogen bulb.

Knee power feed for TRAK Knee mills.

Switches and brackets to set for maximum travel limits. Tripping the switch will cause the servo motors to shut down. Note, limit switches are not especially recommended. The system software monitors voltage intensity and will shut down the servos if it detects excessive force.

The Networking Option lets you connect your ProtoTRAK to a network of other ProtoTRAKs or offline computers.

Not available for EMX / ELX CNC model machines and model EMX retrofits.

A Torque-Rite brand power draw bar factory installed on your machine. May be ordered as CAT or NMTB/NST. The draw bar for the CAT type is longer to fit into tool holders that have the tool changer grip, or retention knob, removed. Highly recommended.

Riser block for TRAK Knee mills.

RISER-4 (for 4")
RISER-6 (for 6")
RISER-8 (for 8")

Our most popular accessory (shown on mill). A convenient hand-held switch to start and stop the CNC servos during program run.

The unique Fog Buster non-fogging coolant sprayer precisely directs a fine stream of coolant to the tool and workpiece.

Not available for model EMX retrofits.

Table guard with sliding doors to impede chips and coolant and keep the operator from the tool and workpiece during CNC machining. Interlock switch on the door interfaces to the CNC. DRO and TRAKing are allowed with the door open, but the door must be closed for automatic CNC operations in the Program Run Mode.

The power of TRAKing is that you no longer have to choose between the efficiency of CNC and the security of manual control - TRAKing gives you both. With TRAKing, you don't have to go through the process of proving out the CNC program before you press the Go button. You can run the CNC program at the speed you desire by turning the handwheel. Go fast, go slow, stop and take a measurement, go backwards, whatever. You are in complete control as the machine moves the saddle and cross slide through the programmed coordinates.

Not available for the 1440EX Lathes.

6” Kurt vise and mounting hardware (Model 688 shown). Opens to 8.8”. Contact your sales rep to find the correct model vise for your machine.

Not available for model EMX retrofits.

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