Machines featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC


The largest lathe in our product line

  • 24” Swing, 70” between centers
  • 24” swing over bed, 70” between centers
  • 4 or 8-station tooling indexer for high-mix, low-volume work (optional)


High-end CNC for one-off and small lot work

  • Available on most TRAK lathes
  • Powerful but easy to learn and use 2-axis CNC, 3-axis DRO
  • Run in manual or CNC mode
  • Runs ProtoTRAK conversational language, G-code, CAM, DXF converter and Verify Machining  Simulation software
  • Indexer compatibility for high-mix, low volume work

Specifications for TRAK TRL 2470SX

ProtoTRAK CNC Model SLX Height of Centers 12"
304.800 mm
Distance between centers 70"
1,778.000 mm
Swing over bed 24"
609.600 mm
Swing Over Saddle Wings 24"
609.600 mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 14.5"
368.300 mm
Cross Slide Travel 12.5"
317.500 mm
Tool Section Max 1"
25.4 mm / 1.0 in
Coolant Tank Capacity 15 gal.
56.78 L
Width Of Bed 14.57"
374.650 mm
Height Of Bed 15"
381.000 mm
Spindle Nose D1-8
Spindle Through Hole 4.09"
103.886 mm
Spindle Taper MT#8
Taper In Reduction Sleeve MT#5 Spindle Dia At Front Bearing 5.51"
139.954 mm
Number Of Bearings 2 Spindle Speed Range RPM 40-670, 100-1800
Number Of Speeds 2 Tailstock Standard
Quill Travel 8.5"
21.590 mm
Quill Diameter 3.5"
88.900 mm
Quill Taper Hole MT#5 Spindle Motor HP 15
Power Requirements, control 110V; 1P; 12A Power Requirements, Machine 220V; 3P; 60Hz
Amps Full Load Current 42A Dimensions Net 129" x 60" x 77"
3.28 x 1.52 x 1.96 m
Dimensions Shipping 134" x 64" x 77"
3.40 x 1.62 x 1.96 m
Weight Net 6500 lbs.
2,948.35 kg
Weight Shipping 6900 lbs.
3,129.78 kg
Maximum Rapid Feed X (IPM) 100 IPM
Maximum Rapid Feed Z (IPM) 250 IPM
Coolant Pump Motor HP 1/8 HP
Spindle Motor Brake Dynamic Braking Way Surface Hardness 400 - 560 HB
Head Stock Lubrication Oil Bath

Options See All

Advanced Features with Verify incorporates 3D solid model machining simulation software that allows you to quickly and easily proof your ProtoTRAK mill and lathe programs prior to cutting chips.

Not available for EMX / ELX products.

Direct-mounting chuck features separate top jaws and master jaws. The chuck is rated for the top RPM of the lathe.

Lathe Model     Size      Chuck Through-hole      Spindle
1440EX                6"                  1.57"                            D1-4
1630SX                8"                  2.36"                            D1-6
1630HSSX          6"                  1.77"                             A2-4
1845SX                8"                  2.36"                             D1-6
2470SX              12"                 4.160"                           D1-8

Lathe Model      Type
1440EX               5C Taper Mount, Extended Nosepiece
1630SX               5C Taper Mount, Extended Nosepiece
1630HSSX          5C Taper Mount, Extended Nosepiece
1845SX               5C Taper Mount, Extended Nosepiece

Powerful software that imports DXF file information and provides the user interface to add the data necessary to complete the part program. Same user friendly format as the ProtoTRAK programming

Not available for EMX / ELX CNC model machines.

The powerful Parasolid Converter makes it easy for you to generate ProtoTRAK mill programs from Parasolid 3D CAD files.

Not available for model EMX / ELX machines or retrofits.

The optional coolant pump is mounted on the back of the machine column. It is wired into the electrical panel for operation through the Accessory key on the CNC front panel. A manual switch is provided for ProtoTRAK EMX and SMX CNC two-axis models, or if Auxiliary Function option is not ordered.

300mm, slotted. Mounted by the D-1 camlock.

Lathe Model       Diameter
1440EX                10"
1630SX                12"
1845SX                14"
2470SX                20"

Solid brass nib type.

Lathe Model       Max Workpiece Dia.
1440EX                     1.97"
1630SX                     5"
1630HSSX               5"
1845SX                     3.94"
2470SX                     6.5”

An optional oil pump that circulates the headstock oil through an external cooler.  Recommended on machines that are run at high RPM’s for extended periods of time.

The Networking Option lets you connect your ProtoTRAK to a network of other ProtoTRAKs or offline computers.

Not available for EMX / ELX CNC model machines and model EMX retrofits.

Our most popular accessory (shown on mill). A convenient hand-held switch to start and stop the CNC servos during program run.

Integrated into the ProtoTRAK SLX CNC. Four stations that index with the control command.

Lathe Model       Tooling
1630SX                3/4"
1630HSSX           3/4"
1845SX                3/4" or 1"
2470SX                1"

Model          Diameter (inches)     Type
1440EX            .20 to 2.36                  Roller
1630SX          .500 to 5.575               Roller
1630HSSX    .500 to 5.575               Roller
1845SX           .0.4 to 7.787               Roller
2470SX            1.5 to 8.00                 Roller

Dorian brand tooling kit. Contains a tool post and a variety of tool holders. The tool post has a release mechanism for quick, easy tool changes. It is repeatable within .001".

Lathe Model        Tooling
1440EX                 3/4"
1630SX                 3/4"
1630HSSX            3/4"
1845SX                 3/4" or 1"
2470SX                 1"

The tooling kit includes:

  • A quick-change tool post
  • 4 each 3/4" or 1" square tool holders for turning, facing and boring
  • 1 each #4 Morse taper drill holders
  • 1 each boring tool holder

     - For the 3/4" Tooling Kit - 1" holder

     - For the 1" Tooling Kit - 1.25" holder

The power of TRAKing is that you no longer have to choose between the efficiency of CNC and the security of manual control - TRAKing gives you both. With TRAKing, you don't have to go through the process of proving out the CNC program before you press the Go button. You can run the CNC program at the speed you desire by turning the handwheel. Go fast, go slow, stop and take a measurement, go backwards, whatever. You are in complete control as the machine moves the saddle and cross slide through the programmed coordinates.

Not available for the 1440EX Lathes.

The optional work lamp is a 110 volt, 15 watt fluorescent light. The 18" light tube is mounted to the top of the splash shield just to the right of the spindle. The light is protected by a watertight polycarbonate tube that is sealed by an o-ring. A steel shield prevents damage from large flying objects and stainless steel armoring protects the electrical cable.

Available for current TRAK SX Lathes and as a retrofit for prior TRAK and Sport models 1440P and 1745P. A halogen work lamp is available as an option for the 1440EX lathe.

  • 8 stations
  • Coolant supplied at each tool
  • Factory Integrated