Open Materials

Materials development is the new technology frontier in 3D printing

Many of the world’s top chemical engineers are racing to develop the thermoplastics of tomorrow. But many new, innovative materials already exist. With the Open Materials platform, you are free to explore and develop superior solutions.

Powerful, Flexible User Interface

KISSlicer is powerful software that prepares STL files for optimized printing. The user interface enables you to select preloaded settings or to adjust dozens of variables yourself.

  • Adaptive Layer Control — enables you to optimize layers
  • Preload — precise control of how the printer extrudes filament
  • Expert Mode — enables you to precisely set variables for your own unique configurations
  • Fractional Number of Loops — improves bonding between loops and infill
  • Lock Paths — lets you configure different styles for different parts on a single print
  • Wizards — guides the processes of setting up Profiles and Tuning the material flow

...and dozens more innovative features!

3ntr 3D Printer User Interface
3ntr 3D Printer Material Management

The World's Best Material Management System (optional)

  • Protect your expensive spooled material in a UV-free, low humidity, temperature controlled cabinet
  • Real-time monitor displays material usage and amount remaining
  • Holds up to six actively mounted spools
  • Feed into the printer, keeping the spool protected
  • Doubles as printer base
Design For Additive

Design For Additive (like never before)

Your imagination gets a boost from the multi-material capability of 3ntr printers. The part shown above is the result of combining formerly separate parts to achieve a single design, integrating a hose and filter housing.

3ntr Support Material

Support Material

With the 3ntr, you can have a different support material and build material. Choices include breakaway and soluble material that complement the build material. Your part finishes and delicate features will come out beautifully.

Large and Complex Parts

Large & Complex

The part above requires the precision of an Industrial Grade 3D Printer. Complex parts often use soluble support material to preserve the precision of the delicate features.

Rubber-like Materials

Rubber-like Materials

The controlled build chamber and powerful software enables you to make soft, flexible components.

Multiple Colors

Multiple Colors

You can print in two colors simultaneously.