Machines featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC


The most powerful CNC for Toolroom work!

  • A powerful but easy to use basic operation with options you may add to configure your application
  • Optional Parasolid and DXF Converters save you time by taking the dimensions directly from the drawing
  • We recommend this ProtoTRAK model for more complex applications such as profiling and pockets

Easy and Powerful Programming The ProtoTRAK Way

Specifications for ProtoTRAK SMX CNC

Control Hardware

  • Two or three-axis CNC, three-axis DRO
  • Real handwheels for manual operation
  • 10.4" color active-matrix screen
  • Industrial-grade Pentium® processor
  • 1GBRam
  • 4 USB connectors
  • RJ45 port and Ethernet card (O)
  • Override of program feedrate
  • Override of program spindle speed (O)
  • LED status lights built into display
  • USB thumb drive flash memory 512 MB or more
  • Uncluttered front panel with few hard keys
  • 110V, 1P, 12A

Software Features – General Operation

  • Clear, uncluttered screen display
  • Prompted data inputs
  • English language – no codes
  • Soft keys - change with context
  • Windows®operatingsystem
  • Selectable two or three-axis CNC
  • Color graphics with adjustable views
  • Inch/mmselectable
  • Convenient modes of operation (see below)

DRO Mode Features for Manual Machining

  • Incremental and absolute dimensions
  • Jog at rapid with override
  • Powerfeed X, Y or Z
  • DoOneCNCcannedcycle
  • Go To dimensions (O)
  • Teach-in of manual moves
  • Servo motor return to 0 absolute
  • Spindle speed setting with override (O)
  • Tool offsets from library
  • Fine/Coarse handwheel resolution (O)

Program Mode Features

  • Geometry-basedprogramming
  • Tool path programming (O)
  • Scaling of print data (O)
  • Multiple fixture offsets (O)
  • Programmable Auxiliary functions (O)
  • Event comments (O)
  • Three-axis Geometry conversational programming (O)
  • Incremental and absolute dimensions
  • Automatic diameter cutter comp
  • Circular interpolation
  • Linear interpolation
  • Look – graphics with a single button push
  • List step – graphics with programmed events displayed
  • Alphanumeric program names
  • Canned cycles:
    • Position
    • Drill
    • Bolt Hole
    • Mill
    • Arc
    • Circle pocket
    • Rectangular pocket
    • Circular profile
    • Rectangular profile
    • Irregular profile (O)
    • Irregular pocket (O)
    • Circle Island (O)
    • Rectangular Island (O)
    • Irregular Island (O)
    • Helix (O)
    • Thread milling (O)
    • Engraving (O)
    • Tapping (O)
    • Face Mill (O)
  • Programmable Spindle Speeds (O)
  • Program pause
  • Conrad – automatic corner radius
  • Math Helps with graphical interface
  • Auto load of math solutions
  • Tool step over adjustable for pocket routines
  • Pocket bottom finish pass
  • Selectable ramp or plunge cutter entry
  • Subroutine repeat of programmed events
  • Nesting
  • Rotate about Z axis for skewing data
  • Mirror of programmed events (O)
  • Copy (O)
  • Copy Drill to Tap Event (O)
  • Copy Rotate (O)
  • Copy Mirror (O)
  • Auto Geometry EngineTM (O)

Edit Mode Features

  • Clipboard to copy events between programs (O)
  • Spreadsheet editing (O)
  • Global data change (O)
  • G-Code editor (O)

Set Up Mode Features

  • Program diagnostics
  • Advanced tool library
  • Tool names
  • Tool length offset with modifiers
  • Advanced diagnostic routines
  • Software travel limits
  • Tool path graphics with adjustable views
  • Program run time estimation clock (O)

Run Mode Features

  • Trial run at rapid
  • 3D G Code file run
  • Real time run graphics with tool icon
  • Countdown clock to next pause or tool change (O)
  • TRAKing of programs during program run (O)

Program In/Out Mode Features

  • CAM IN program converter
  • CAM OUT converter to run ProtoTRAK programs on different controls (O)
  • Converter for prior-generation ProtoTRAK programs
  • DXF / DWG Converter (O)
  • Selection of file storage locations
  • Automatic file back up routine
  • Preview Graphics for unopened files
  • Networking via RJ45 port (O)
  • Program Storage to USB Flash Drives