ProtoTRAK KMX Control

Current Versions in this Release

Software version:     1.1.14
Verify version:    1.11

Download Instructions

Click on the Download button below, and when prompted, choose to save the file to a temporary location, such as your Windows desktop.

Download ProtoTRAK KMX software here 9.97 MB
Extracting and installing the software onto your ProtoTRAK:

1) Download the file to your computer.
2) Unzip the PT11-SETUP folder, and all its contents, directly to your USB flash drive.
3) Take your USB flash drive and plug it into the KMX pendant.
4) On the Pendant, press MODE -> SETUP -> SERV CODES -> 316 -> ABS SET, and then press the RESUME soft key to update the software.

Changes from the previously released version
  • Fixed issue with indexer I/O not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue that made it possible for a 2 axis kneemill to generate a Z axis servo fault.
  • Fixed issue where enabling limit switches on 2 axis kneemill would generate a fault 186 upon bootup.
  • Fixed issue with machine ID 139 (3 axis kneemill with manual Z quill), where turning on Electronic Handwheels would also turn it on for Z axis, resulting with unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to open programs from previous ProtoTRAK controls that had fixtures previously defined but disabled. The KMX should be able to open any program that has fixtures disabled, or enabled and the program only have 1 fixture defined.
  • Fixed an issue with 1.1.7 where attempting to cablibrate the quill produces a Windows application error.
  • Improved issue where some machines are off by .0005" when RETURN ABS 0 is used.
  • User will now be able to switch between inch and metric mode during PROG mode.
  • Fixed a problem where in POWER FEED, the feedrates are not being displayed correctly when overrides are used.
  • After using JOG, the servos will now stop more quickly. Previously they would slowly creep to a halt.
  • Implemented service code 400 for foreign language support.
  • Fixed an issue found where a machine was intermittently showing the error "Current pointer and ExecuteCmd do not match".
  • Fixed issue on machine id 139 (legacy style 3 axis kneemill) where Z limit switches would not work correctly.
  • Running code 11 now stores the values into code 128 for future reference.
  • Adjusted the accel and decel of JOG mode, such that older servo amps would not fault out, and the axis will no longer drift after jogging an axis.
  • Added service code 150 to allow user to adjust the accel and decel of the JOG mode. Default value will be 20%. Input a lower value to lower the accel / decel, in the event that the system faults immediately after attempting a JOG. You can also higher the value if you deem the default to be too sluggish. Note that this ONLY affects JOG mode.
  • Fixed issue with machine ID 130 (3x kneemill with EHW on Z) where if no EHW were present on X and Y, the servos would still be locked in DRO mode.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to JOG with older motors / servo amps would result with the axis to fault immediately.