Machines featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC

ProtoTRAK RMX CNC Software

Current Version in this Release

Software version: 1.0.15


Version 1.0.15

  • Fixed issue where attempting to sub or copy rotate a 2 axis pocket event will shut down the master software.
  • Moved location of where temp files PT10_CONVERTER.INI and PT10_TEMP.DXF were being saved to. If offline user was not an administrator, these files would not be generated correctly and therefore converters and DXF would not work correctly.

Version 1.0.14

Original Release


  1. Download the file to anywhere on your computer.
  2. Double click on the file to open the ZIP file.
  3. Extract the PT10-SETUP folder and all its contents to the root folder of your USB flash drive.
  4. Take the USB drive to your ProtoTRAK RMX control, and plug it into one of the USB ports.
  5. On the RMX control, go into SETUP -> SERV CODES -> CODE # 316, and highlight the drive letter that you've just plugged in.
  6. Press the YES softkey twice in order to begin the update process.

The ProtoTRAK RMX CNC is available on TRAK® DPMRX bed mills: DPM RX2, DPM RX3, DPM RX5, and DPM RX7.