ProtoTRAK KMX CNC Software

Versión: 1.3.0

Bed Mills
Sport B3
Sport B5
Knee Mills
Sport K2
Sport K3
ProtoTRAK KMX Retrofit

Verify version: 1.13

New features:

Added support for Spanish language translation in service code 400.
Use asterisk key to toggle between default English and user set language.

Note: Chinese language translation is not complete and if selected the screen would not work correctly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Sub, Copy, Mirror Loses Conrads on Rectangle Pocket.
  • Fixed 2 axis pocket does not prompt for CHECK Z and SET Z properly.
  • Fixed Z does count in .002” increments in Show Path screen and X does .0005" increments instead of .0002".
  • Fixed issue where Machine intermittently strays from programmed tool path.
  • Fixed issue where z-axis faults when traking to a tool change on the 3-axis knee mills with z encoder and ball screw clutch.
  • Fixed SHOW PATH displays wrong X position.
  • Fixed Power Feed does not run at the commanded feedrate.
  • Fixed KMX Toolpath Graphic is Bad, but Program Run is Good.
  • Fixed SHOW PATH displays ABS values in INC mode.
  • Fixed When a user tries to open temp, the file should only load up when the user presses resume.
  • Fixed KMX Master Bombs out when doing a Position-Pause event.
  • Fixed persist DRO resolution from code 68 and 70.
  • Fixed Plunge to Z0 when G00 with only X and Y after tool change.
  • Fixed 2 axis Euro machine gives constant Z LIMIT SWITCH warning message.
  • Fixed DXF Parasolid issue with strings exceeding character limit in mlstranslate. Long lines broken into two smaller strings.
  • Fixed tracking issue. We now prompt the user to close the door and then press tracking on all Euro KMX mills.
  • Fixed Dual Redundant Door switch not checking for faults.


  1. Download the file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the PT11-SETUP folder, and all its contents, directly to your USB flash drive.
  3. Take your USB flash drive and plug it into the KMX pendant.
  4. On the Pendant, press MODE -> SETUP -> SERV CODES -> 316 -> ABS SET, and then press the RESUME soft key to update the software.