Case Studies

Cal-Draulics – Machining Center Support

Creating Work Cells for Lean Manufacturing

Unlike large machine shops, small shops like Cal-Draulics require machines in a different capacity. They have a more urgent need to emphasize lean manufacturing, and deal primarily with small lot jobs of 35 to 100 parts. In order to achieve this goal while maximizing profit and production, Cal-Draulics turned to the TRAK 2OP to set up work cells in close proximity.

East Branch Manufacturing – Process Flexibility

Maximizing Production After A Shift in Job Focus

With a relatively small workforce compared to their shop size, East Branch Manufacturing expects its operators to run multiple machines. They needed a portable solution to maximize their operator time while conducting an increasing amount of miscellaneous job shop work for simple parts, as opposed to repeating contract work in large lot sizes. Enter the TRAK 2OP – a complementary machine to their live tool lathes and VMCs.

DAMARK – Lean Manufacturing

Enhancing Existing Work Cells

DAMARK is a family-owned shop that was already well-versed in lean manufacturing. What they really needed was a cost-effective solution that integrated into their existing work cells, while keeping work-in-progress machining levels under control. By adding the TRAK 2OP to their system, DAMARK is able to complete first and second operations simultaneously, and free up VMCs for higher level, more complex work.

B-C-D Metal Products – Labor Utilization

Minimizing Capital Costs for an Increasing Workload

Massachusetts-based B-C-D Metal Products is a third-generation family-owned shop, specializing in tube bending.  When their workload increased, they found a need to conduct secondary operations on the shop floor while their larger CNC machines continued the first step.  Investing in a TRAK 2OP allowed them to continue emphasizing lean manufacturing while maximizing output and minimizing capital costs.