Maquinas TRAK presentando CNC's ProtoTRAK

TRAK Bed Mills

featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC
TRAK Bed Mills

The Best Machines Ever Made for Toolroom and Short Run Production.

  • Manual, 2 or 3 axis
  • Programmable spindle speeds
  • Real handwheels


  • ProtoTRAK CNC integrated into the machine at the factory
  • TRAKing® — control of program run
  • Programmable Spindle Control

Strength & Power

  • Wide saddle
  • Box ways
  • Bed support of table and saddle
  • Low and high gear range
  • Entire ram moves along the column for rigidity


  • Manual, 2 or 3 axis
  • CNC always available
  • Real handwheels so you can work manually
  • DRO Mode with power feed, teach and more!
  • Head swivels right and left


  • Ballscrews in the table, saddle and column
  • Brushless servo motors with .000003" encoder resolution
  • Quill scale and column ballscrew encoder integrated into one Z dimension
  • Turcite coating on bearing surfaces to reduce friction

RX Series Bed Mills featuring the NEW ProtoTRAK RMX CNC


SX Series Bed Mills featuring the ProtoTRAK SMX CNC