ProtoTRAK TMX CNC Software -  M10

Versión: 2.0.1

Machining Centers
TRAK 2op M10

Determining which model TRAK 2OP you have


The M10 runs Windows XP Embedded in the background.  The XP logo can be seen while the machine is booting up.


The M11 runs Windows CE in the background, and our ProtoTRAK logo can be seen while the machine is booting up.

M10 machines have the letters DQ in the serial numbers.  For example, 123DQ678.

On the top backside of the M10, you can see the Z motor as well as a small boxed enclosure with the fan-guard pointing out towards the side.


M11 machines have the letters DR in the serial numbers.  For example, 123DR678.

On the top backside of the M11, there is a larger boxed enclosure.   The fan-guard is on the back, and has 3 small windows to see the LED’s inside.

If you have the M10, follow the instructions below to download the software.
Click here to go to the M11 software download page
Current version in this release:     2.0.1
Download Instructions (For Windows XP and later)

Click on the Download button below, and when prompted, choose to save the file to a temporary location, such as your Windows desktop.

Download ProtoTRAK TMX M10 Software 4 MB
Extracting and installing the software onto your ProtoTRAK:

1) Download the ZIP file to your computer.
2) Unzip the contents directly to your USB flash drive, so that the PT8SETUP folder is in the root directory.
3) Take the flash drive to the 2op TMX control.  Note that the TMX control will only recognize one flash drive at a time.  So if there is already another USB flash drive plugged in, take it out before plugging in the one that contains the software update.
4) Press MODE, then RESTORE.
5) Press SERV CODES and then enter code 316 in order to update the software.

Release Notes

The ProtoTRAK TMX CNC is standard equipment for the TRAK 2op VMC.