Additive Manufacturing Materials Library

About Open Materials

Materials are the new technology frontier in FFF Printing. We offer this Library in order to share what we’ve learned about printing successfully, giving you the cost savings and performance you need without the science project of figuring out a new material.

We will add continually to this library, so please check back often. If you need help picking, please give us a call and we’ll get you to a specialist who can help.

Support Materials

Material Examples

3D printed Cross Dual, Build Material: ASA + Iglide I180-PF, Support Material: SSU00 - TRAK Machine Tools
Cross, Dual
3D printed pedal link, nylon carbon fiber - TRAK Machine Tools
Pedal Link for race car accelerator pedal assembly
3D printed vise soft jaws, TECH-G - TRAK Machine Tools
Vise Soft Jaws for workpieces with complex shapes
3D printed T-slot cleaner, ASA - TRAK Machine Tools
T-slot Cleaner
  • Build Material: ASA
    Support Material: SSU00
3D printed keylock wrench, ASA  - TRAK Machine Tools
Keylock Wrench assembly tool for key switch of the TRAK TMC
  • Build Material: ASA
    Support Material: HIPS
3D printed flexible gasket, TPU 95A - TRAK Machine Tools
Flexible Gasket for air-tight seal
3D printed Bowden tube spacer, PCABS - TRAK Machine Tools
Bowden Tube Spacer for high temperature use
3D printed drill jig, ABS - TRAK Machine Tools
Alignment Jig
  • Build Material: ABS
    Support Material: n/a