Selectable programming
for the style that fits your job and your shop

Shopmill — apply your ProtoTRAK (or Brand X) conversational skills and start making parts right away.

  • Conversational format makes it easy to compose complete or partial part programs
  • Canned cycles with graphical elements that make defining features easy as you go
  • Animated elements – short videos that show you what the feature does
  • No CAM required – work right from the print
VIDEO: Shopmill Conversational Programming | SINUMERIK ONE

ProgramGuide — program in G-code, even with limited experience.

  • G-code assist that helps you create even complex programs with ease
  • Canned cycles with Graphical elements that make defining features easy as you go
Programming the SINUMERIK ONE

G291 ISO Mode (ISO G-code) — your library of programs can be put to work right away, no matter which control they were programmed on

  • Open and adjust programs that originated on other CNCs
  • ProtoTRAK®, Haas®, Fanuc® (and more) programs supported.
  • Fully editable, including adding new canned cycles conversationally.
  • No need to modify the program on the CAM system; do it right on the control.
CAD Dept. TRAK Machine Tools

DIN G-code — unleash the world’s most powerful CNC

  • Write programs using Siemens high-level programming language.
  • Open and run CAM programs.
  • Takes full advantage of the SINUMERIK ONE’s more powerful features.

Use different elements and the SINUMERIK ONE runs them as a single program. The diverse formats such as those shown below are processed by the SINUMERIK ONE for you, eliminating the need for you to convert everything into the same format.

  • Sub programs
  • Workpiece definition
  • Probing cycles
  • Logic statements
  • Conversational events
  • Standard G Code
  • Macros

Contour Editor

The powerful Contour Editor works within the all the programming methods of the SINUMERIK ONE.

Use graphical elements to create even complex shapes. Automatically calculates intersections and points of tangency.

Also use Contour Editor to work with features in DXF files. Open the drawing data within the Contour Editor, then use define tool path and even edit the geometry. Easily link together multiple contours to do complex islands and clear off routines.

Powerful program simulations

Program more efficiently and with better results owing to the true representations of part and tool geometry. Simulate your part program with high fidelity with controls for program speed, single block operation and stop/start.

Calculations for machining time will help you see the effect of different strategies. You can even run simulations of different programs as a job is being run.

DXF Reader

Open DXF files on the SINUMERIK ONE to easily transfer data into your program. Program faster and reduce errors on programming dimensions.

Open and use elements of multiple DXF files in the same program.

Works within all the programming methods. Easily command specific features from drawing elements. Set your own part reference independent of the drawing origin.