Videos to help you learn about
all of the great things a machinist can do
with ProtoTRAK

Specific Topics

Thread Repair

This video shows how to use the Thread Repair feature found on ProtoTRAK SLX CNCs. 

TRAK 2op - Second Operations Machine

Introducing the new TRAK 2op Machine from Southwestern Industries.

Advanced Features Verify Demo Video

This video is a demonstration of the Verify feature in our ProtoTRAK Advanced Features option. 

Parasolid Demo Video

Demonstration of the ProtoTRAK Parasolid Conversion Software for ProtoTRAK SMX CNCs.

TRAK Bed Mill Ram

Solid ram moves along the column providing mass for heavy cuts.

Quill & Ram on a TRAK Bed Mill

The quill and ram position are integrated and displayed on the Z-Axis readout.

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