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Service Department

Hours:  7:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST
Phone:  800-367-3165
Fax:      310-886-8029
E-Mail: [email protected]

Please have your model and serial number ready when you call. Unless, of course, you have trouble finding them. In that case, just call.

Parts & Accessories

Order parts online or call our Service Department at the number above.


Most electronic and many mechanical components are available for replacement in the form of exchange units. Most exchange units are not new, but are previously failed units that have been repaired brought up to current revision and then tested under the same rigorous program as for new units. See Service Price List under your model in Parts and Accessories for units available as exchanges.

Express Exchanges

To make our exchange program even better at getting your problem solved fast, exchange parts are available on an Express basis. We ship the replacement part to you before you send the failed part back to us. Express Exchanges are no extra charge.

Field Service

TRAK products are supported by a local factory-direct Field Service Technician or by your factory-trained TRAK distributor. Contact us for the name of the field service provider near you.

Self Service

If you prefer to work on your machines yourself, we will be happy to support you:

Documentation – Most of the manuals for our products are found in our Manuals and Software section. In addition, we have many white papers and supplemental publications including a large number of Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t see what you are looking for? Please contact us for some help.

Modular parts – you don’t have to be trained in CNC repair to resolve most of the problems. TRAK products are designed for easy serviceability with modular subassemblies that you can swap yourself. Please unplug the power to your system first!

No-fault warranty protection – if you choose to service the product yourself, you can count on us to honor your rights for warranty and exchange replacements. We won’t try to weasel out of our obligation just because you made an honest mistake.


Find Service and Programming Manuals for your TRAK® and ProtoTRAK® products by clicking the links below.

Programming Manuals
Includes Safety, Programming, Operating and Care Information.

Service Manuals
Includes Safety, Installation, Maintenance, Service and Parts List Information.

Software Options Manuals
Programming and Operating Information for ProtoTRAK CNC software options.


Find Software for your ProtoTRAK® and TRAK® CNCs by clicking the links below.

Current ProtoTRAK CNCs Software
Software updates for models of ProtoTRAK CNCs.

Non-Current ProtoTRAK & TRAK CNCs Software
Software for non-current models of ProtoTRAK and TRAK CNCs.

ProtoTRAK Converter Software
Updates for current and past ProtoTRAK DXF and Parasolid Converter software.

ProtoTRAK Offline Software
Program and modify files from current and past ProtoTRAK CNC models on an offline PC.

Knowledge Base

Click on the links below to find Resources and Documentation for current and non-current TRAK® and ProtoTRAK® products, by product family:


Videos to help you learn about all of the great things a machinist can do with ProtoTRAK.