Customer Support

Service Department

The TRAK Service Department is dedicated to offering personalized assistance and expert advice to our customers. We take pride in our responsiveness, extensive knowledge, and readiness to help you make the most of TRAK products and services.

Hours: 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Phone: 800-367-3165

Fax: 310-886-8029

Field Service

TRAK Field Service Technicians

At TRAK Machine Tools, our Field Service Technicians are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing all products we sell. They are factory-trained professionals who bring exceptional knowledge and experience to every job. Providing service across much of the United States, they are dedicated to ensuring your equipment operates at peak performance.

Distributor Service Technicians

TRAK-trained distributor service personnel expand our support network throughout North America and Europe. With equivalent expertise and commitment, they offer localized service, ensuring your TRAK equipment performs optimally, no matter where you are.

TRAK Machine Tools Field Service Technicians
TRAK Field Service Technicians

Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your equipment running smoothly and avoiding costly downtime. We track your maintenance schedules and coordinate service times to suit your shop's needs, reducing disruptions. Our factory-trained technicians adhere to standardized checklists and can also resolve minor issues that fall outside the lists.

We provide clear documentation of all work, offering a record for your equipment's history. Our pay-as-you-go system means you only pay when you authorize the work. This approach ensures your equipment gets the care it needs without overpaying for unnecessary services.

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Self Service

If you prefer to maintain your own machines, we're glad to provide support with a variety of resources.


Most of the manuals for our products are found in our Manuals section. In addition, we have many white papers and supplemental publications.

Modular parts

You don’t have to be trained in CNC repair to resolve most of the problems. TRAK products are designed for easy serviceability with modular subassemblies that you can swap yourself. Please unplug the power to your system first.

No-fault warranty protection

If you opt to service the product yourself, rest assured that we will still honor your rights for warranty and exchange replacements. We won't attempt to avoid our responsibility due to a simple error on your part.


Most electronic and many mechanical components are available for replacement in the form of exchange units. Most exchange units are not new, but are previously failed units that have been repaired brought up to current revision and then tested under the same rigorous program as for new units. Visit our parts website to find exchange units available for your model.

Express Exchange Program

To make our exchange program even better at getting your problem solved fast, exchange parts are available on an Express basis. We ship the replacement part to you before you send the failed part back to us. Express Exchanges are no extra charge. Learn more about our Express Exchange Program.

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Please visit our TRAK Warranty Policy page.