TRAK VMCsi Vertical Machining Centers

featuring the SINUMERIK ONE CNC

Production Machining Centers As Only TRAK Machine Tools Would.

TRAK Vertical Machining Centers featuring the SINUMERIK ONE CNC
TRAK Machine Tools + Siemens
Siemens has a long history as a world leader in technology and will continue to shape the future of manufacturing. TRAK Machine Tools excels in delivering technology-driven tools that fit the way our customers work.
Value Today, with a Pathway to Industry 4.0.

Machine Specs ...Standard.

The heavy machine tool construction provides mass for heavy cuts with solid Meehanite® ribbed casting for vibration absorption and rigidity. It all adds up to a machine that complements the powerful SINUMERIK ONE CNC for fast feeds and superior finishes.

Standard Equipment: Coolant Through Spindle, Chip Conveyer, Advanced 12,000 RPM Royal Spindle, Dual Arm Tool Changer and more.

Easy Transition.

The all-new SINUMERIK ONE CNC has been meticulously crafted to connect the user to the control. Features such as the wide 19” touchscreen interface, integrated field descriptions, instructive animations and amazing graphics make the control easy to learn for users of any background.

Learn more about the SINUMERIK ONE

Amazing Capability.

With the VMCsi, the probing is easily mastered, as are advanced tool management, 4-axis simultaneous machining, incredible surfacing and dozens more advanced capabilities. You will attain ever-higher productivity with a minimum investment of time and effort.

Strong. Rigid. Accurate.
With the features you need for production, standard.
  • 24-station tool magazine
  • Dual Arm Style Automatic Tool Changer
  • Advanced 12,000 RPM Royal® Spindle
  • Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)
  • Linear Roller Bearing Slides
  • Chip Conveyor
  • High Performance Servo Motors
  • Heavy Meehanite® Ribbed Casting

24-station tool magazine

24-station tool magazine features bi-directional tool changes and will accommodate tools up to 11.8″ in length. 30-station tool magazine optional.

TRAK VMCsi dual arm tool changer

Dual Arm Style Automatic Tool Changer pre-stages the next tool for a 2.5 seconds tool-to-tool change.

TRAK VMCsi 12,000 RPM spindle

Advanced 12,000 RPM Royal® Spindle provides high axial thrust and generates minimum heat. It uses four P4 class angular contact bearings for optimal spindle support and rigidity.

VMCsi Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)

Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) delivered at high pressure efficiently dissipates chips and heat from pockets and holes during machining. This greatly enhances cutting performance, accuracy, surface finish and tool life.

Linear roller bearing slides on all axes

Linear Roller Bearing Slides on all axes. Enhanced slideway stiffness and large bearing contact area make Roller Bearing slides superior for high-precision, high-performance applications.

TRAK VMCsi Axis Motor

High Performance Servo Motors with excellent positioning accuracy.

Our partnership with Siemens will yield amazing things as Industry 4.0 unfolds.
  • Untended machining to slash your labor expense.
  • Connected machines for advanced management of jobs and entire shops.
  • Digital Twin for realistic simulations you can use to optimize your spindle uptime.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that performs magic such as adapting feed rates based on experience.
  • Automation solutions such as robotics and integrated part conveyers, controlled by a single, convenient interface.

TRAK VMCsi Models:

TRAK VMC7si Vertical Machining Center
TRAK VMC7si Specifications:
  • Table Size: 35.43″ x 19.69″
  • Travel (x, y, z): 30″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Footprint: 144″ x 112″
  • Horsepower: 41.5/20.1
TRAK VMC10si Vertical Machining Center
TRAK VMC10si Specifications:
  • Table Size: 44.09″ x 19.69″
  • Travels (x, y, z): 40″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Footprint: 144″ x 112″
  • Horsepower: 41.5/20.1
TRAK VMC12si Vertical Machining Center
TRAK VMC12si Specifications:
  • Table Size: 51.18″ x 23.62″
  • Travels (x, y, z): 50″ x 27.5″ x 25″
  • Footprint: 168.25″ x 126.50″
  • Horsepower: 67/26.8
TRAK VMC14si Vertical Machining Center
TRAK VMC14si Specifications:
  • Table Size: 62.99″ x 23.62″
  • Travels (x, y, z): 60″ x 27.5″ x 25″
  • Footprint: 180″ x 126.50″
  • Horsepower: 67/26.8