Introducing the

TRAK TC2 Turning Center

featuring the ProtoTRAK RLX CNC

Rigid construction and generous capacities make this slant bed lathe ideal for smaller turned parts in lower volume production.

  • Conversational Programming - Easy Setup of Simple Jobs
  • G-Code Compatible - For Easy Upload
  • Hydraulic System Integrated into Machine Body
TRAK TC2 Turning Center featuring the ProtoTRAK RLX CNC
VIDEO: TRAK TC2 Turning Center

Hardware Features:

  • 2-Axis CNC and DRO
  • 15.6″ LCD screen
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • Built-in LED status light
  • 8-station turret
  • Coolant pump
  • Ethernet port

Software Features:

  • Clear, uncluttered interface
  • Prompted data inputs
  • Plain language - no codes
  • Soft keys change with context
  • Windows® operating system
  • Inch/mm selectable
  • G-Code run
  • Canned cycles




Maximum Swing 12″
Maximum Turning Diameter 8″
Maximum Turning Length (Z Axis Travel) 11″
X-Axis Travel 7.5″ (direct drive with brake)
Z-Axis Travel 11.4″ (direct drive)
Oil Pump - Way Lubrication 2 liters
Rapid Speeds 600 IPM on Z Axis
300 IPM on X Axis
Air Requirements 90 PSI


Spindle Nose A2-5
Spindle Through Hole 2.4″ - manual chuck option
2.047″ - hydraulic chuck option
Chuck Diameter 8″ - manual chuck option
6″ - hydraulic chuck option
Drawtube Thread M60 x 2 mm
Spindle Lubrication Grease
Spindle Dia At Front Bearing 100 mm
Number Of Bearings 4
Horsepower 7.5 HP
Number of Speeds or Ranges 1
Spindle Speed Range RPM 50-2500 - low speed, high torque
50-4000 - high speed spindle option
Spindle Motor Brake Dynamic


Turret Type Bolt on
Number of Tools 8 Stations
Turning Tool Shank Dimensions 0.75″ x 0.75″
Maximum Boring Bar Diameter 1.25″
Turret Index/Clamping Method Servo motor/pneumatic

Power Requirements - Machine

Voltage 208V
480V with transformer option
Amps Full Load Current 42A (208V)
25A (480V)
Phase/Hz 3/60


Net (L x W x H), lbs. 80.4″ x 36.5″ x 75.7″, 3,087 lbs
3,370 lbs with hydraulic chuck option (+283 lbs)
Shipping (L x W x H), lbs. 85″ x 39″ x 87″, 3,200 lbs
3,483 lbs with hydraulic chuck option (+283 lbs)


Coolant Pump Motor HP* 1/8 HP
Coolant Reservoir Capacity 15.8 gal
Specifications subject to change.
TRAK TC2 Turning Center Portability
TRAK TC2 Turning Center Portability
TRAK TC2 Turning Center 8-Station Turret
TRAK TC2 Turning Center 8-Station Turret
TRAK TC2 Turning Center Left Three Quarter View
TRAK TC2 Turning Center Left Three Quarter View


Machine Options

High Speed Spindle

High Speed Spindle

High speed spindle for the TC2 Turning Center.

Maximum of 4,000 RPM compared to standard spindle max. of 2,500 RPM.

Tool Tray

Tool Tray

Tool tray for the TC2 Turning Center.

480V Transformer

480V Transformer

For the TC2 Turning Center.

5C Collet Chuck

5C Collet Chuck

5C collet chuck for the TC2 Turning Center.

The hydraulic chuck option is required.

Hydraulic Chuck

Hydraulic Chuck

6″ diameter hydraulic chuck for the TC2 Turning Center.

This option is required in order to use the 5C collet chuck.

Buck<sup>®</sup> Chuck

Buck® Chuck

8″ diameter manual Buck chuck, A2-5, for the TC2 Turning Center

Manual Chuck

Manual Chuck

8″ diameter manual chuck, A2-5, for the TC2 Turning Center

TRAK<sup>®</sup> USB Memory

TRAK® USB Memory

The USB Memory option consists of an industrial-grade Delkin® Thumb drive. This device is unsurpassed for reliability and speed of file access and is the storage of choice for our own software engineers.

VIDEO: TRAK® USB Memory Option Overview

Software Options

TRAKing<sup>®</sup> for RX Lathes

TRAKing® for RX Lathes

TRAKing of programs during program run, GO TO Dimension in DRO Mode.

VIDEO: TRAKing® Option Overview

CAM File Out Converter

CAM File Out Converter

Write, save and then run programs with RX Canned Cycle Events on Legacy ProtoTRAK controls in either .CAM Events or .GCD format.

Auxiliary Output

Auxiliary Output

Programmable output signal.

Offline Programming

Offline Programming

  • ProtoTRAK RX user interface for Windows® PC
  • Program parts and simulate CNC Run
  • Modify files from current and former ProtoTRAK models

VIDEO: Installing ProtoTRAK Offline Software

DXF Converter

DXF Converter

  • Import and convert CAD data into ProtoTRAK programs
  • DXF or DWG files
  • Chaining
  • Automatic Gap Closing
  • Layer control
  • Part alignment
  • Feature analysis (circle/arc radius and position)
  • Simple CAD construction/editing tools
  • DXF-output capability
  • Easy, prompted process you can do right at the machine

Not available for the ProtoTRAK ELX.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

  • Verify Make Part – solid model graphics of programmed toolpath
  • Event Comments
  • G-code editor
  • Thread Repair
  • Clipboard
  • Gang Tool setup
  • Custom Thread event
  • Tap event
  • Search Edit

Not available for the ProtoTRAK ELX.



The TRAK MTConnect option enables customers to add MTConnect functionality quickly and easily to their machines, so that machine data can be collected using the standard MTConnect protocol.

  • Machine networking through ethernet connection or USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • Collect machine data throughout shop
  • Monitor machine status, receive notifications and analyze data throughout your machines’ history

3rd party software not included.

VIDEO: MTConnect® Option Overview