ProtoTRAK RLX CNC - Defaults

make programming even easier

The ProtoTRAK RLX is the only CNC that you can mold to your style

You have a style. The work you do, the material you cut, the tooling you use, they all make up your style. The ProtoTRAK RLX is the world’s only CNC that you customize to your style. You do this easily by setting Defaults. Setting Defaults makes programming even easier by loading in your preferences as you program.

Once you select the event, your preferences are already there for you. If you're mentoring someone who is new to the craft, you can set the Defaults to help your student work within the parameters you define.

ProtoTRAK RMX CNC Customizable Defaults

Change Defaults whenever it suits you

You’re not stuck with the settings you make. You can easily change the preferences by entering another value at the prompt or tapping Options. If you wish to set a new Default, simply select the Defaults Info Key and enter the preference.

You don’t have to set every Default, we’ve set the most common ones here at the factory.

ProtoTRAK RMX CNC Customizable Defaults

If you choose, you can use Defaults to Set Feedrate programming to feed Minute or Revolution, Set spindle speed values to RPM or Surface Speed, Default to either Conrad or Chamfer for connective moves, Set roughing passes in Cycle to number of passes or depth of cut, or start up in Inch or mm operation.