ProtoTRAK RLX CNC - DXF Converter

A simple process you control

DXF Programming on RX Series Toolroom Lathes

DXF Files and the ProtoTRAK RLX

TRAKing Pat demonstrates how to use DXF files with the ProtoTRAK RLX CNC. Using DXF files in the RLX is made easy with through software enhancements and new features like the control's LCD touchscreen.

The DXF converter option is available for all TRAK RX Series Lathes.

Layer Selection

View the entire file and select the layers you want to machine.

ProtoTRAK RLX CNC Flyout Window for the Tool Table

Interactive, Prompted Selection of Geometry

Program the events in the order you choose. It's easy to fill in the prompts once the event type and dimensions are loaded.

ProtoTRAK RLX CNC Flyout Window For Enhanced ProtoTRAK Assistance


Program the entire geometry of Pocket or Profile peripheries with just two clicks — tell ProtoTRAK where to start then tell it which direction to go.

ProtoTRAK RLX CNC Touchscreen Gestures

Two Clicks

The rest of the connected events are loaded automatically. The 12 events here were programmed easily by clicking two lines.

ProtoTRAK RLX CNC Touchscreen Gestures

Line Editing

If lines drawn in a DXF file can't be machined as drawn, the DXF converter enables you to insert or hide lines to get past these problems. No need to go back to the CAD department.

RLX CNC Touchscreen - Tap to Enter