Lathe Door Upgrade Interlock Switch Upgrade

Eligible machines:


TRAK TRL 1440P with the ProtoTRAK LX2 CNC
Sport TRL 1440P with the ProtoTRAK L2 CNC
TRAK TRL 1840CSS with the ProtoTRAK LX3 CNC


Upgrade Purpose:


The Lathe Door Upgrade adds a rolling door to the models that were originally equipped without one. It includes an Interlock Switch to prevent CNC Run when the door is open.

The Interlock Switch Upgrade adds an interlock switch to models originally equipped with a door but no switch.

Both upgrades are offered to allow compliance with the new ANSI/B11.6-2001 specifications.


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Order form and configuration form:  


Relevant Text of ANSI/B11.6-2001


Under section 6.21, Safeguarding:

For manual machines with automatic capability:
In the manual mode: chuck guard and chip and coolant splash shields as required.
In the automatic mode: interlocked guard of sufficient size to protect the operator when in operator's position.
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A message from Southwestern Industries 


While we support the new safety standards from ANSI, we respectfully point out that, to our knowledge, no one has been hurt using a TRAK TRL in an accident that the new standards will now prevent.

This action by ANSI came about because of the emergence of machines that escaped the former classifications. These new machines are neither entirely manual nor entirely CNC. Although we did invent this new class of machines, TRAK machines are not the only machines now affected by the new standards.

ANSI is not responding to a rash of accidents. Rather, it is establishing standards for this new class of product in an effort to do a more thorough job of protecting people from the consequences of their mistakes of violating safe machining practice. The proliferation of standards is a fact of business life, especially in America and Europe. 

Safety is a fundamental part of running  every  machine. Southwestern Industries has always promoted the safe operation of machinery in our product design and labeling, our operations manuals, our training programs and our support of Vocational Technical Schools that teach proper machining practice. 

ANSI standards are not law. They are standards. Each person must decide for themselves whether or not they choose to adhere to these new standards. We make it as easy as possible for you to comply by  designing the retrofit door and interlock switch operation in such a way as to allow the convenience and efficiency of manual operation, while still providing for compliance with these new standards. Even after the upgrade, our products will retain the ease of use and flexibility you bought them for. Properly using them will keep you in compliance.

Also, we offer field retrofits that will enable you bring your lathe into compliance with a minor amount of expense and inconvenience.

We have sought to inform each and every TRL owner on record of the availability of the lathe upgrade packages in writing. Our efforts have been complicated due to the large amount of reorganization that has occurred in the machine tool industry since the lathes were originally sold. If you own an eligible machine and have not received letters from us informing you of the upgrade, we may not have your company or contact information on file. Kindly e-mail us your name, address, telephone number and the serial number for your lathe so we may add you to our database.