ProtoTRAK KMX CNC Upgrade

Especially made to upgrade older ProtoTRAK models

The ProtoTRAK® KMX CNC has features that give you an instant lift in productivity and a hardware platform that we will be able to support long into the future.

ProtoTRAK KMX Upgrade

ProtoTRAK KMX Upgrade

TRAKing Pat talks about the KMX and its new features. He explains the differences between the KMX and previous controls, and shows how easy it will be to transition to this new CNC.

An Exciting New Upgrade For Your ProtoTRAK CNC

Modern Hardware Platform

  • USB Storage replaces the floppy disc drive
  • Crisp color LCD replaces monochrome CRT
  • Warranty and Express Exchange Protection far into the future

Improved Navigation

  • Edit right in program mode
  • Save Temp to retain tool table after shut down

New Features

  • Enhanced Auto Geometry Engine
  • Enhanced Screen Graphics
  • Optional TRAKing®

Easy Transition

  • Same look and feel of your current ProtoTRAK
  • Quick start guide will have you running parts in minutes

Replace your old ProtoTRAK

Replace the ProtoTRAK on Bridgeport® and Bridgeport-style retrofits, TRAK® Bed Mills and Knee Mills, and Sport Machines.

ProtoTRAK MX2 and MX3
Manufacturered from 1992 to 1996
ProtoTRAK M2 and M3
Manufacturered from 1996 to 2001
ProtoTRAK AGE2 and AGE3
Manufacturered from 1996 to 2001