ProtoTRAK KMX CNC Upgrade

Especially made to upgrade older ProtoTRAK models


The ProtoTRAK® KMX CNC has features that give you an instant lift in productivity and a hardware platform that we will be able to support long into the future.

ProtoTRAK KMX Upgrade

TRAKing Pat talks about the KMX and its new features. He explains the differences between the KMX and previous controls, and shows how easy it will be to transition to this new CNC.

ProtoTRAK KMX Upgrade

An Exciting New Upgrade For Your ProtoTRAK CNC

Modern Hardware Platform

  • USB Storage replaces the floppy disc drive
  • Crisp color LCD replaces monochrome CRT
  • Warranty and Express Exchange Protection far into the future. Learn more about the Express Exchange Program.

Improved Navigation

  • Edit right in program mode
  • Save Temp to retain tool table after shut down

New Features

  • Enhanced Auto Geometry Engine
  • Enhanced Screen Graphics
  • Optional TRAKing®

Easy Transition

  • Same look and feel of your current ProtoTRAK
  • Quick start guide will have you running parts in minutes

Replace Your Old ProtoTRAK

Replace the ProtoTRAK on Bridgeport® and Bridgeport-style retrofits, TRAK® Bed Mills and Knee Mills, and Sport Machines.

>ProtoTRAK Edge
ProtoTRAK Edge
Manufacturered from 2000 to 2005
ProtoTRAK MX2 and MX3
ProtoTRAK MX2 and MX3
Manufacturered from 1992 to 1996
ProtoTRAK M2 and M3
ProtoTRAK M2 and M3
Manufacturered from 1996 to 2001
ProtoTRAK AGE2 and AGE3
ProtoTRAK AGE2 and AGE3
Manufacturered from 1996 to 2001

Feature Comparison

Feature KMX Edge M2/3 MX2/3 AGE2/3 Option Description

DRO (digital readout)

Do One     X X X   Simple entry of mill, arc, bolt hole etc...
Go To X         TRAKing® Manually go to a predefined X, Y position
Tool # X           Change active tool number


Multiple drill types (3) X           One type only for older controls
Irregular pocket with A.G.E. X       X   Program an irregular shaped pocket
Pocket - polygon, 3/4 sided         X   Program 3 and 4 sided pockets
Irregular profile with A.G.E. X       X   Program an irregular shaped profile
Copy Repeat X           Repeat with offset; creates multiple events
Copy Mirror X           Mirror image; creates multiple events
Copy Rotate X           Geometry rotation; creates multiple events
Look X X   X X   View part geometry
Scaling X       X   Scaling of part program


Tool Table X       X   Setup tool table, offsets


Trial Run     X X X   Rapid run of program; Z does not move

Program In/Out

USB Memory X           USB drive
Floppy Drive Memory   X X X X   1.4 MB drives (1 - M/MX, 2 - AGE)
Save Temp X           Save tooling info and part zero with program
RJ45/Networking X           Assign control to a network
PT4 converter X           Save/retrieve PT4 format programs
CAM In X   X X X   Import G code files, convert to conversational
GCD In X           Import G code files directly
DXF/DWG X         DXF Works with Offline only
Parasolid converter X         Parasolid Works with Offline only
GCD X     X X DNC Run a G code file in native G code format
Preview a part X           Preview geometry before importing

Other Features

Helix       X X   Able to machine a helix
TRAKing® X         TRAKing® Bi-directional manual operation of a program
Keyboard and mouse X           USB port
Screen color Color White Blue Amber Amber   8.5″ LCD (KMX); 9.0″ CRT (M, MX, AGE)
Edit in Program Mode X X         No need to switch modes

When you have a failure, you have choices. You can:

  1. Exchange your pendant or computer module for the same like-new unit under our Express Exchange Program.
  2. Have your CRT failure in your pendant (display) fixed by installing an LCD you get from someone else.
  3. Buy a new KMX Upgrade

We’ll consider the pros and cons of each choice as if we had to choose.

1. Exchange the unit.


  • Quick - can be in your shop the next day
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to do
  • No decision/approvals


  • The computer modules and pendant are separate so exchanging one doesn’t address a potential problem with the other
  • This option will eventually be unavailable as older controls become scarce
  • No improvement, just spending money to maintain the same capability

Even though the cons outweigh the pros, we’ll still do our best to serve you with exchanges for as long as we can.

2. To resolve a display problem, you could buy an LCD Upgrade from someone else.


  • Nicer display
  • Inexpensive
  • We won’t deny you an Express Exchange in the future even if your unit has a foreign component in it.


  • Risky to deal with a small company
  • Supplier may not be able to deal with related issues that arise and you may end up with nothing
  • Leaves you with the original keypad – a wear component that fails with time and use
  • Not doing anything to upgrade the computer module could lead to more money spent in repairs
  • Waiting for installation

This is a fairly bad choice in our opinion. You’d be better off exchanging the display with us (choice #1 above) for one that has been repaired to current revision with all the key parts replaced. We’ll be able to deal with whatever problem that may arise so you don’t risk getting burned with nothing to show for your money.

3. Upgrade to ProtoTRAK KMX (best choice!)


  • All new hardware
  • Replaces both pendant and computer module
  • USB instead of floppy drives
  • Productive new features


  • More expensive, may not be appropriate for the condition of the machine
  • More difficult decision/needs approval
  • Takes more time to get running (just a little)

We strongly encourage you to talk to your TRAK Machine Tools representative to get the details for your particular situation. Call us 310-608-4422 or request more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the new ProtoTRAK KMX CNC run my old ProtoTRAK programs?

Yes! The new ProtoTRAK KMX does not have a floppy drive, but a USB port. You may have to buy a floppy to USB adaptor to move the programs onto a more modern medium. If you need help with this please call the Service Department at 800-367-3165 and we’ll be happy to coach you.

What’s in the upgrade?

That varies depending on what you already have. But at the least, the upgrade will have a brand-new ProtoTRAK KMX display which has the Computer built in. Talk to your TRAK Machine Tools Representative for details about your situation.

Do I get to keep my old ProtoTRAK parts?

No. We’ve priced into the upgrade the value of the parts we get back. We plan to use those returned parts to help us keep our exchanges going as long as possible.

I need to replace the ballscrews too, is that part of the upgrade?

No, we didn’t price that in because not everyone needs it. However, ballscrews are discounted when purchased as part of an upgrade.

How about the warranty?

The upgrade control and parts are all new and therefore have one full year of warranty protection. The warranty on any part that is not purchased new as part of the upgrade will not be changed.

How fast can I get the upgrade?

Most kits are in stock and available for immediate shipment. For fastest service, call the Service Department at 800-367-3165.

Can I upgrade my ProtoTRAK or ProtoTRAK Plus models?

No. Those models were our very first and they went out of production in 1991. When we replaced them with the ProtoTRAK MX2, we introduced a new drive train design that is not compatible with those originals. If you want to keep the machine but want a better ProtoTRAK, you may want to consider an entire retrofit.

Can I change from a 2-axis CNC to a 3-axis CNC, or vice versa?

Probably. It depends on your situation. Check with your TRAK Machine Tools Rep for your particular situation.