ProtoTRAK KMX Offline Software

Current versions in this release:

Software 1.1.14
Verify     1.14
Parasolid & DXF     1.13

Download Instructions     (For Windows XP and later)

Click on the Download button below, and when prompted, choose to save the file to a temporary location, such as your Windows desktop.

Download Offline Software Here 32.3 MB
Installing the ProtoTRAK KMX Offline Software

Unzip the file to a temporary location, and then double click on it to begin the installation.

The first window may look as follows, prompting you for the location for which you’d like to install.

Next it will prompt you for the Start menu shortcut names.

Note that if you already have a previous version of software installed, then it will skip these first two windows and simply overwrite the previous installation with the latest version.
The next window will be a ready to install confirmation.

After you click on Install the setup will copy the necessary files for the KMX software onto your computer.  The last window will then prompt you for the additional required files.

All items that have a check mark activated will be installed after the Finish button is clicked.
Note that all 3 items must be installed, as they are required for the KMX Offline software to function properly.  However they only need to be installed once, so if you are simply updating your offline software to the latest version, you can uncheck them and continue on.