Digital Transformation of the Job Shop—Siemens and TRAK Machine Tools shape the future [repost]

Reposted from Siemens' YouTube channel.

"Job shops are facing the digital adoption challenge across two fronts — toolroom and production. The transition across the business will be difficult for job shops, especially for owners that do not have teams of engineers and IT specialists to help them evaluate and integrate new, digitally-enabled machining operations.

As a first step to help shops on the toolroom side, TRAK Machine Tools developed a line of machining centers, powered by the company’s popular ProtoTRAK® CNC. Now the company is introducing an all-new line of production-level machines empowered by the Siemens SINUMERIK ONE “digital twin” CNC platform.

Developed from the ground up, SINUMERIK ONE is the first CNC system to master the challenges of digital transformation in the machine tool industry. Real-world machining processes and machine tool behavior can now be simulated in the virtual world thanks to the digital twin. Job shop owners know digitalization is coming — now they have a familiar and trusted partner to help them meet their challenges." ~ Siemens


TRAK VMCsi Vertical Machining Centers