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Unlock the full potential of the ProtoTRAK® CNC with our library of instructional videos. These comprehensive tutorials provide invaluable insights and practical guidance, elevating your skills to greater proficiency. Follow along at your own pace as we guide you through topics from basic to advanced.

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TRAKing Pat
TRAKing Pat says "Keep on TRAKin'!"

Meet Pat Fitzsimmons, the face of TRAK Machine Tools' video series. As the host and primary instructor, he brings a wealth of expertise as an Applications Representative, backed by years of hands-on experience as a machinist and former TRAK salesman.

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Video Series:
The People Who Make

TRAK MT created The People Who Make series to share real-life user stories. Pat and the team go on location to show examples of people providing value to others with the help of TMT products and services.

Series Playlist: The People Who Make