Toolroom Ops and Production Ops on TRAK VMCs
Change between Toolroom Ops and Production Ops with the flip of a switch.

Let's start with the big question: What sets this machine apart?

Its dual personalities, of course. You'd expect a VMC to work as a production machine, and this one does. In Production Ops, it's a full featured, 3-axis machining center with a 16-tool carousel—perfect for low volume production. When you flip the switch over to Toolroom Ops, it does something unique.

Toolroom Ops lets you operate the machine like a TRAK DPM. You can use it manually with DRO, 2 or 3 axis. Plus, your chips and coolant are contained. You get the flexibility of a bed mill, the power of the ProtoTRAK, and no mess on the floor!

TRAK DPMs are a worldwide favorite tool for shops involved in short run production and prototyping. That's due to the awesome power and ease-of-use of the ProtoTRAK CNC. The same ProtoTRAK technology that's in every TRAK VMC.

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Toolroom Ops and Production Ops on TRAK VMCs Toolroom Ops and Production Ops on TRAK VMCs

The ProtoTRAK RMX — the most technologically advanced ProtoTRAK ever — is at the heart of each machining center.

The touchscreen is the most obvious feature of the RMX. It's the key to a more efficient user interface, and the many features within the control. Here are some of the biggest:

  • Ability to do manual machining
  • Powerful solid model graphics
  • Enhanced ProtoTRAK Assistance
  • Defaults and User Profiles
  • Auto Geometry Engine®
  • Prompted programming events
  • Electronic handwheels and TRAKing®
  • Synchronized Program, Library and Carousel tools

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TRAK VMCs are available through authorized distributors and directly through TRAK Machine Tools. Please give us a call at 800‑421‑6875 or request a demontration or quote online.

Toolroom VMC Models

TRAK VMC5 Vertical Machining Center
TRAK VMC5 Specifications:
  • Table Size: 27.56″ x 15.75″
  • Travel (x, y, z): 20″ x 16″ x 20″
  • Footprint: 84″ x 129″
  • Horsepower: 15/10
TRAK VMC7 Vertical Machining Center
TRAK VMC7 Specifications:
  • Table Size: 35.43″ x 19.69″
  • Travels (x, y, z): 30″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Footprint: 97″ x 134″
  • Horsepower: 15/10
TRAK VMC10 Vertical Machining Center
TRAK VMC10 Specifications:
  • Table Size: 44.09″ x 19.68″
  • Travels (x, y, z): 40.75″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Footprint: 111″ x 134″
  • Horsepower: 15/10