Machines featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC


Vertical Machining Center

For cost effective, high-mix, low-volume work

Designed to be easy to learn and use, the TRAK LPM incorporates technologies to markedly reduce the changeover times that plague high-mix, low-volume shops.  It is the only VMC to integrate the machine, control, fixturing, and tool offset measurements into one complete system.  This means that it doesn’t require expensive probing systems that consume spindle time to measure offsets.  It also means that it doesn’t require a room full of special fixture to facilitate quick changeovers.


Powerful technology that simplifies CNC complexity

  • Powerful but easy to learn and use
  • PMX technology eliminates the "sea of buttons” normally associated with VMCs
  • Integrated into the TRAK LPM VMC
  • 3-axis CNC, 3-axis DRO (4th axis option)
  • Runs ProtoTRAK conversational language, G-code, CAM, 2 and 3-D CAD conversion software, and Verify Machining Simulation software
Easy to Learn and Use

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Powerful ProtoTRAK conversational language programming
  • PMX technology eliminates the "sea of buttons" normally associated with VMCs
Powerful Features

Powerful Features

  • Verify machining simulation software reduces programming time, rework and scrap
  • Parasolid and DXF CAD file coverters reduce programming times *
  • Fourth axis for complex work*


Quick Changeovers

Quick Changeovers

  • Integrated Jergens® ball locks reduce changeover times
  • External Tool Setting system helps eliminate spindle down-times

Specifications for TRAK LPM

Overall (L x W x H): 13.1’ X 7.4’ X 8.6’
Table size: 35 3/8" X 19 5/8"
Tee slots (no. x width x pitch): 5 x .71" x 3.94"
Table max load: 1000 lbs.
Travels (X x Y x Z):  31" x 18.5" x 21"
Max spindle nose to table: 24"
Min spindle nose to table: 3 3/8"
Max clearance spindle center to column: 19 1/4"
Max Rapid speed (X x Y x Z ipm):  800 x 800 x 700
Electrical requirements: 208-240V / 78 amps or 415-440V / 44 amps (requires optional transformer)
Tool holder type: CAT40
Max RPM: 8000
Tool Capacity: 16
Max tool weight incl holder: 15 lbs
Max tool diameter: 3.14
Tool clamping force (at 90psi): 1500 lbs
Tool carousel to table: 18"
HP Peak: 15
HP Continuous: 10
Weight/Shipping Lbs.: 7650 / 8000

Standard Features
• Internal wash down nozzles
• Air gun
• Wash down gun
• Halogen work lights
• Auto lube system
• Mobile Tool setting system (incl. cart)
• Belt drive spindle
• Coolant pump
• Wash down pump
• Fixture clamping devices – set of 4
• Status lights
• Rigid tapping
• Chip Auger (accommodates a third party 12” oil skimmer)
• Air blast to clear chips from spindle

Options See All

Hardware and software that allows true 4th axis interpolation. Includes indexer, tailstock and fixture plate.

Set of four.

A set of four is included standard on the TRAK LPM.

Available as an option on the TRAK 2OP.

For fixture plates. High precision for use with Primary Locating Holes in the TRAK LPM and TRAK 2OP tables.

For fixture plates. Lower precision for use with Secondary Locating Holes in the TRAK LPM and TRAK 2OP tables.

For locating your current fixtures on the LPM table using the ball lock system and locating holes on the table. Includes three stops.

High quality cart by Huot Manufacturing. Lip height and length matches LPM table position during fixture change.

Precision plate with primary liners. Made of aluminum tooling plate that resists warping.

Alpase K100 or Alcoa Mic6

TRAK LPM - Available in three sizes:

  • Small (shown) - 16" x 15.5"
  • Medium - 16" x 24"
  • Large - 16" x 32"


  • 18" x 15"

Includes plate, fence, stop and hardware. Does not include vise.

One comes with every LPM, you would buy this only if you want an additional cart.

Standard with TRAK LPM (shown).

Optional for TRAK 2OP.

Set of 16. Shown installed.


TRAK 2OP - 30 Taper

Includes mag base and 1", 2" and 3" extensions.