Machines featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC


Portable Vertical Machining Center

For second operation work and/or stand-alone applications.

Designed to be easy to learn, use, and move, the TRAK 2OP is the first portable VMC designed for second operations work.  It allows a second spindle to be brought  quickly and easily to operators idled by the cycle time of their primary machines so that both first and second operations can be run simultaneously.  This arrangement makes practical, for the first time, the creation of work cells in  high-mix. low volume shops.   The result – part cycle time is reduced and output is increased at no additional cost in labor.

Easy to Move

Easy to Move

  • Ships with a pallet jack
  • Move and set up in minutes
  • Position wherever needed to do work
Easy to Learn and Use

Easy to Learn and Use

  • ProtoTRAK TMX control
  • Flexible - conversational language or G-code
  • Can be programmed on or off the shop floor
Easy to Increase Productivity

Easy to Increase Productivity

  • Run spindles simultaneously vs. sequentially
  • Reduce cycle times and increase output with no additional cost in labor
  • Eliminate moving or stacking of parts
  • Free more capable primary ("first operation") machines to perform more complex work

Specifications for TRAK 2OP

Overall Machine Dimensions

  • Machine W x D x H (with head all the way up) - 30.5” x 52” x 101"
  • Min height to fit through doorway – 92”

Table Dimensions

  • Table size - 18” x 15”
  • Number of tee slots and pitch - 4 @ 63 mm
  • Tee slot width - 0.630” or 16 mm
  • Max table load - 500 lbs.
  • Ball Lock ® hold down force - 2250 lbs. @ 35 in/lbs. of torque
  • Machine Net/Shipping lbs. - 2825/3175


  • X, Y, Z Travels - 14” x 12” x 17”
  • Max distance from spindle nose table surface - 20.25”
  • Min distance from spindle nose table surface - 2.75”
  • Max swing clearance from spindle center to column - 14”
  • Max Rapid speed X, Y & Z-axis, inches per minute – 600


  • Horsepower – 3HP
  • Tool holder type – BT30
  • Spindle nose diameter - 2.2” or 56 mm
  • Max RPM – 6000

Automatic Tool Changer

  • ATC Tool Capacity – 8
  • Max tool Diameter – 2”
  • Retention Knob – BT30

Air Requirements

  • Air Pressure – 90 psi
  • Quality - Air dried/filtered water separator upstream of the machine
  • CFM –  2.5 at 90 psi
  • SCFM - 18

ProtoTRAK System Hardware

  • Three-axis CNC and DRO
  • 5.7" active-matrix color LCD screen
  • 2 USB ports
  • LED status lights built into display
  • 512 MB USB Drive (optional)
  • Uncluttered front panel with few hard keys
  • Beacon light
  • Override of program spindle speed
  • Coolant pump
  • Networking

Software Features - General Operation

  • Clear, uncluttered screen display
  • Prompted data inputs
  • English language – no codes
  • Soft keys - change within context
  • Windows® operating system
  • Three-axis CNC
  • Inch/mm selectable
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Reference to ball lock locations on table
  • Absolute home location
  • Canned cycles – pockets, profiles,bolt hole patterns, etc.
  • Indexer compatible

Options See All

Set of four.

A set of four is included standard on the TRAK LPM.

Available as an option on the TRAK 2OP.

For fixture plates. High precision for use with Primary Locating Holes in the TRAK LPM and TRAK 2OP tables.

For fixture plates. Lower precision for use with Secondary Locating Holes in the TRAK LPM and TRAK 2OP tables.

High quality cart by Huot Manufacturing. Lip height and length matches LPM table position during fixture change.

Precision plate with primary liners. Made of aluminum tooling plate that resists warping.

Alpase K100 or Alcoa Mic6

TRAK LPM - Available in three sizes:

  • Small (shown) - 16" x 15.5"
  • Medium - 16" x 24"
  • Large - 16" x 32"


  • 18" x 15"

Includes plate, fence, stop and hardware. Does not include vise.

The Networking Option lets you connect your ProtoTRAK to a network of other ProtoTRAKs or offline computers.

Not available for EMX / ELX CNC model machines and model EMX retrofits.

The USB Thumb Drive option is an industrial grade 512MB thumb drive. It serves the following purposes:

  • Save program files for backing up or additional storage
  • Load program files
  • Share program files between ProtoTRAKs or computers
  • Save system configuration files, including backlash and calibration values

6” Kurt vise and mounting hardware (Model 688 shown). Opens to 8.8”. Contact your sales rep to find the correct model vise for your machine.

Not available for model EMX retrofits.

Includes mag base and 1", 2" and 3" extensions.