ProtoTRAK KMX CNC Options

Electronic Handwheels & TRAKing®

Electronic Handwheels & TRAKing®

Pat expalains the advantages of using the Electronic Handwheels option and TRAKing. With these features, you get the manual control and feel of real handwheels and the ability to run through your program events before letting the computer take over. This feature was demonstrated on the TRAK K3 Knee Mill with a Prototrak KMX CNC Upgrade.

TRAKing/Electronic Handwheels Option for the ProtoTRAK KMX CNC

TRAKing®/ Electronic Handwheel Option

  • Electronic handwheels on X and Y (replaces the mechanical handwheels)
  • TRAKing® of programs during program run
  • GoTo Dimensions
  • Selectable Fine/Course handwheel resolution

Once you use TRAKing, you will never want to crank manual handles again!

Offline Programming Option for the ProtoTRAK KMX CNC

KMX Offline Programming

  • All features of the ProtoTRAK KMX organized to run on your PC
  • Program and setup your jobs and then load into the ProtoTRAK KMX
  • Windows® operating system

Converter Package for Offline

(requires purchase of KMX Offline Programming)


  • Solid model representation of parts and toolpaths

DXF File Converter

  • Import and convert CAD data
  • DXF or DWG files
  • Automatic Gap Closing with Chaining
  • Layer Control
  • Easy, prompted process

Parasolid File Converter

  • Generate ProtoTRAK KMX programs from the data in the solid file
  • 3D CAD format
  • No specialized knowledge required

DXF and Parasolid File Converters for the ProtoTRAK KMX

ProtoTRAK KMX Offline Programming | Part 1: DXF Files
ProtoTRAK KMX Offline Programming | Part 2: Parasolid Files