The All-New ProtoTRAK KMX!


  • The best CNC we've ever made for knee mill applications (and that is saying a lot).
  • Easy to learn and use with thoughtful features that make work easier
  • Improved AGE® capability gives you the power of CAD for finding missing print data while you program!
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Powerful offline programming for using our Advanced Software Options
  • We recommend this ProtoTRAK for most Knee Mill applications due to its amazing combination of price features and ease of use
  • Can handle anything from quick manual jobs to complex profiling

Powerful Canned Cycles

  • Position
  • Drill
  • Bolt Hole
  • Mill
  • Arc
  • Face Mill
  • Circle Pocket
  • Rectangular Pocket
  • Irregular Pocket
  • Circular Pocket
  • Rectangular Profile
  • Irregular Profile
  • Subroutine Repeat
  • Subroutine Rotate
  • Subroutine Mirror
  • Copy Repeat
  • Copy Rotate
  • Copy Mirror

AGETM the Auto Geometry Engine

Program complex profiles easily with the powerful AGETM feature. Enter the information you have and the AGETM will calculate missing points for you while you program.

Advanced File Management

Convenient Tool Table

TRAKing®/ Electronic Handwheel Option

  • Electronic handwheels on X and Y (replaces the mechanical handwheels)
  • TRAKing® of programs during program run
  • GoTo Dimensions
  • Selectable Fine/Course handwheel resolution

Once you use TRAKing®, you will never want to crank manual handles again!

KMX Offline Programming

  • All features of the ProtoTRAK KMX organized to run on your PC
  • Program and setup your jobs and then load into the ProtoTRAK KMX
  • Windows® operating system

Converter Package for Offline

(requires purchase of KMX Offline Programming)


  • Solid model representation of parts and toolpaths

DXF File Converter

  • Import and convert CAD data
  • DXF or DWG files
  • Automatic Gap Closing with Chaining
  • Layer Control
  • Easy, prompted process

Parasolid File Converter

  • Generate ProtoTRAK KMX programs from the data in the solid file
  • 3D CAD format
  • No specialized knowledge required

ProtoTRAK KMX Hardware

  • Two- or three-axis CNC, 3-axis DRO
  • 9.0” Color LCD
  • Rugged industrial PC
  • 2 USB ports for interface with a storage device, keyboard and mouse
  • RJ45 Port and Ethernetcard for Networking
  • 110V, 1P, 10A

Software Features – General Operation

  • Clear, uncluttered screen display
  • Prompted data inputs
  • English language – no codes
  • Soft keys - change with context
  • Windows® operatingsystem
  • Selectable two or three-axis CNC (3-axis models)
  • Color graphics with adjustable views
  • Inch/mm selectable
  • Convenient modes of operation (see below)

DRO Mode Features

  • Incremental and Absolute dimensions
  • Jog at rapid with override
  • Powerfeed X, Y or Z (3-axis)
  • Teach-in of manual moves
  • Servo motor return to 0 Absolute
  • Tool offsets from library
  • Go To Dimensions (Optional with TRAKing®)
  • Fine/Coarse handwheel resolution (Optional with TRAKing®)

Program Mode Features

  • Auto Geometry Engine
  • Geometry-based programming
  • Tool Path programming
  • Scaling of print data
  • 3-axis Geometry conversational programming (3-axis models)
  • Incremental and Absolute dimensions
  • Automatic diameter cutter comp
  • Circular interpolation
  • Linear interpolation
  • Look – graphics with a single button push
  • Event editing within the program
  • Conrad – automatic corner radius
  • Math Helps with graphical interface
  • Tool step over adjustable for pocket routines
  • Selectable ramp or plunge cutter entry
  • Subroutine repeat of programmed events
  • Nesting
  • Subroutine Rotate about Z-axis for skewing data
  • Subroutine Mirror of programmed events
  • Copy repeat for editing of repeated events
  • Copy rotate for editing of rotated events
  • Copy mirror for editing of mirrored events
  • Run Island, Helix, Thread Mill and Engrave events when present in an imported ProtoTRAK program

Canned Cycles

  • Position
  • Drill
  • Bolt Hole
  • Mill
  • Arc
  • Circle pocket
  • Rectangular pocket
  • Irregular pocket
  • Face Mill
  • Circular profile
  • Rectangular profile
  • Irregular profile

Set Up Mode Features

  • ServiceCodes
    • Software
    • Machine Setup
    • Advanced Diagnostic and Service logs
    • Operator Defaults and options
  • Set pocket and Face Mill step-over (in service codes)
  • Tool names
  • Tool library
  • Tool length offset with modifiers
  • Tool path graphics with adjustable views
  • Verify – solid model representation of finished part (as programmed)

Run Mode Features

  • TRAKing® (optional)
  • 3D CAM file program run
  • 3D G-code file run with tool comp
  • Real time run graphics with tool icon

Program In/Out Mode Features

  • Program Storage to USB Flash Drives
  • CAM program converter
  • Converter for prior-generation ProtoTRAK programs
  • DXF / DWG file Converter (Offline version only)
  • Preview Graphics for unopened files
  • Networking
  • Save Temp to save current program, tool offsets and home positions for running the next day with minimal setup