The shops that thrive
will be the ones that leverage their skills through software.

One Control

What your shop learns on the SINUMERIK ONE CNC will be a knowledge platform that applies to the next steps you take.

  • Mill
  • Lathe
  • HMC
  • 5-axis
  • Robot
  • Additive
Learning the VMCsi gives you a head start on 5‑axis machining.
VIDEO: Transition to 5-axis machining
Learning the VMCsi gives you a head start on 5-axis machining.

Full integration of the Digital Twin

The powerful Digital Twin concept is developing rapidly, unlocking the future of manufacturing by enabling the IoT and Automation applications that work for your shop.

VIDEO: Digitalization and the Digital Twin

Advanced simulations — useful now and as the future unfolds will become even more vital. Faithful simulations of your machine, the SINUMERIK ONE CNC, your programs, tools, workpieces and automation will enable you to:

  • Quote with confidence.
  • Model the optimal flow of work through your shop.
  • Integrate automation rapidly with a reduced risk of failure and cost of trial-and-error.
VIDEO: Advanced Simulations with the SINUMERIK ONE

Run MyVirtual Machine gives you rich simulations offline. You can program and optimize your jobs while the VMCsi is running a different job.

Make it work for you. The open architecture of the SINUMERIK ONE ensures you will be able to make use of the latest applications developed as you progress through your journey to higher and higher productivity.

Run MyVirtual Machine
Run MyVirtual Machine


MindSphere is the Siemens portal to applications that will become key assets for your shop. It is akin to the App Stores that provide the many useful functions on your smart phone. With MindSphere, the apps are developed for manufacturers like you, providing you with the powerful tools that amplify your skills.

Machine Dashboard - Manage MyMachines
Machine Dashboard - Manage MyMachines

TRAK Connect is an emerging set of IoT solutions for getting your machines connected to a secure network. Bring your assets into a software-enabled management space so your knowledgeable people can direct activities with the benefit of good information.

TRAK Connect


The partnership of TRAK Machine Tools and Siemens is dedicated to automation solutions that work with minimal dependence on expensive outsiders to implement.

Run MyRobot is one system for running both the CNC and the robot.