SINUMERIK ONE Features & Options

Control Hardware

VMCsi S120 Booksize Drive

Siemens S120 Booksize Drive

Advanced S120 Booksize multiple axis drives convert 3-phase line supply to DC link voltage and one or several motor modules control the motors. Drive system has integrated web server which can be used to download configuration, firmware update, status reporting, alarm and fault evaluation from a remote PC.



SINUMERIK ONE offers modularity, openness, flexibility and uniform structures for operation programing and visualization. It has integrated drive system SINAMICS S120 and S7-1500 PLC for medium and high-performance application. It offers high flexibility, excellent dynamics response, precision and optimum integration into networks.

VMCsi Control Panel

Machine Control Panel (MCP398C)

The elegant, minimalist MCP-398C has the buttons to control machine operation. Well positioned and clearly marked keys enable you to select X, Y, Z or spindle, select operating modes such as Jog, Auto, Manual Data Automatic (MDA), and activate various motors including augur, coolant, washdown, skimmer, and spindle cooler etc...

TRAK VMCsi Axis Motor
High performance servo motors with high positioning accuracy.
TRAK VMCsi Spindle Motor

SIMOTICS M-1PH8 Spindle Motor

The SIMOTICS M-1PH8 is a compact induction asynchronous spindle motor capable of handling extreme duty cycles and short rise times. It is exceptionally precise in terms of speed, torque and positioning. It uses separate power and feedback cables to connect to SINAMICS S120 servo system. The motor has 22-bit incremental encoder, it connects to the drive using the advanced DRIVE-CLIQ interface.

Control Features

Note: (O) = optional

General Operation

  • Touchscreen - pan, zoom, pinch, rotate and scan, page up/down, swipe to top/bottom
  • Context sensitive help key you press for thorough explanations
  • Tool Tips – Pop-up descriptions within programming that automatically appear
  • Tool names make it easy to recognize tools available and assign sister tools
  • Dynamic images change with the selection of the field
  • Easy In/mm conversions
  • Font colors organize G codes for quick inspection
  • Windows file management for storing and retrieving programs in familiar interface
  • Linux based operating language
  • Open architecture allows you to add apps, refine canned cycles
  • Soft keys intuitively guide you as you work, and a small number of hard keys mapped to machine functions
  • Built-in keyboard and calculator that appears automatically when needed.
  • Multiple channels - 4 channels; 6 axes of control standard (12 axes requires additional hardware)
  • Language support - English, German, Spanish, Chinese and more

Animated Elements

Throughout the operation of the SINUMERIK ONE, you will encounter Animated Elements. These clever mini-videos help you instantly grasp the underlying issue, enabling you to respond quickly and confidently.

Multiple Clamping of Workpieces - SINUMERIK ONE

Multiple Clamping of Workpieces

Runs the same tools and operations on different fixtures, even when different part programs are being machined at the same time! Ideal for production machining of identical or even different parts. Mix different programming sources and styles within fixtures.

  • Multiple programs – tool by tool operation
  • Including sub programs

Contour Editor

This powerful tool works within the all the programming methods of the SINUMERIK ONE. Use graphical elements to create even complex shapes. Automatically calculates intersections and points of tangency.

Also use Contour Editor to work with elements in DXF files. Open the drawing data within the Contour Editor, then use define tool path and even edit the geometry. Easily link together multiple contours to do complex islands and clear off routines.

Programming Operation

  • Canned cycles make programming fill-in-the-blanks easy
  • In-process error detection explained in plain language
  • Math calculations in data input fields
  • Easy transition between programming, manual and automatic CNC operation screens
  • Selectable views – wireframe or model
  • Program summary - easily inspect even your largest programs
  • Easy program restart from stopping point
  • Easy building of programs – Combine G-code and conversational programming in the same program
  • Run time clock
  • Show G-code during program run
  • Soft limits for collision avoidance
  • Mold maker view
  • Fast block processing time
  • Run time clock
  • Selectable programming for the style that fits your job and your shop - ISO, DIN, Shopmill/turn, Program Guide
  • Automatic staging of next tool in Shopmill conversational
  • Dynamic fixture offsets – Cycle 800, Swivel cycle
  • Auto servo tuning during part run, senses load on table and adjusts feeds
  • Macro programming - Calling and running, master programs and subprograms
  • Residual machining detects and machines material left over from programmed features

Powerful Program Simulations

  • True representations of part and tool geometry.
  • 3D graphics with zoom and rotation of viewing angle. (O)
  • Controls for program speed, single block operation and stop/start.
  • Calculations for machining time.
  • Run simulations of different programs as a job is being run.

Use simulations:

  • As you program to verify the program accuracy.
  • Before you run to calculate cycle times and check for crashes.
  • During run so you can see the program progress when coolant keeps you from seeing the actual part and tool (O)

Native Part Probing Cycles

For part and tool measurement, probing cycles are integrated into:

  • The Jog Mode for you to easily and quickly find part dimensions and tool touch off points.
  • Programs for inserting probing operations in Auto Mode.

The cycles automatically apply fixture offsets and the measurements may be output to a report. The cycles will work with many brands of probe or even a manual edge finder.

Part measurement with the SINUMERIK ONE

Native Measurement Routines

  • Part alignment/set up
  • Part measurement/In-process inspection
  • Tool measurement/set up
  • May be used with manual edge finder or optional Renishaw® probe

Powerful DRO (manual mode) Routines

  • Part set up manual or with a probe
  • Apply a skew value
  • Set work coordinate system
  • Apply and setup tools
  • Face mill (in DRO)

Tool Setups

Setting tools is simple due to the icons and Animated Elements that guide your selections. You define number of flutes, tip angle, cutting edges, holder angle, tool type and even tool life. A Magazine view shows which tools are in the magazine.

Tool, Spindle, M-Code (TSM)

A single key give you access to features such as loading tools, activating a work coordinate or turning on a spindle. All operations are commanded by answering conversational prompts, without any G-codes.

Return from Jog (REPOS)

while running programs, the SINUMERIK ONE can halt the current operation and the tool tip can be jogged away from the part surface, allowing you to inspect the tool or part. the REPOS feature let’s you return to the part where the machining was stopped.

Mid-program Start

Stuff happens, power outages, tool breakage, unanticipated moves. The SINUMERIK ONE gives you unprecedented ability to get back to where you were in the part with a high degree of confidence and with minimal work. Powerful Block search and Interrupt point combine to get you started exactly where you left off or at a point before…just to make sure. This powerful routine even enables a tool retract/recover that is able to define the proper place and speed to recover a tap stranded by an unplanned interruption.

Control Options

Note: (O) = optional

APO — Auto Power Off (O)

Will command the SINUMERIK ONE to shut down power at the end of a program run. This option is great for untended machining so the machine will shut down after the last part is run. Simply press the APO button on the control panel after the run is initiated.

3D Simulation (P25) (O)

3D Solid digital twin of your part, faithful in every programmed detail. You can check your program by close inspection of each detail using the touchscreen operation of the 19” screen of the SINUMERIK ONE on the VMCsi.

Advanced Surface Motion Control (S07) & Top Surface - Cycle 832 (S17) (O)

Advanced Surface and Top Surface are both advanced algorithms that analyze look ahead and velocity. The software analyses the program and converts points to splines to create a superior toolpath that is processed smoothly through the SINUMERIK ONE run engine.

You are able to choose the between maximizing Machining Velocity, Surface Quality and Dimensional Accuracy. For example, turning on the “Smoothing” function (in Top Surface) will greatly increase part surface quality but may possibly slow the machining. This advanced software puts the trade-offs into your hands – where it belongs.

  • Advanced Surface — Best for high-speed roughing applications, but also great for achieving optimal results for general milling. Highly recommended, and part of the One Dynamics Options Package for Job Shops.
  • Top Surface — The newer of the algorithms, this advanced software will actually fix problems with the imported CAM data, detecting gaps in the points distribution that will result in jerking or hesitations as the program runs. This option is best for high-speed finishing in mold making where the very best surface quality is required. Part of the One Dynamics Options Package for Surfacing.

CNC Memory, 5.1 GB (P12 & P77) (O)

A combination of Siemens options that, together, adds internal memory to the SINUMERIK ONE to bring in and integrate large files (such as CAD and CAM). Extends the internal CNC memory by 1.8 GB.

DXF Reader (P56) (O)

Open DXF files on the SINUMERIK ONE to easily transfer data into your program. Program faster and reduce errors on programming dimensions. Open and use elements of multiple DXF files in the same program. Works within all the programming methods! Easily command specific features from drawing elements. Set your own part reference independent of the drawing origin.

Measuring Cycles for Drilling/Milling (P28) (O)

Enables you to use a probe within the Auto Mode operation. Insert a probing canned cycle to measure tool wear for the SINUMERIK ONE to apply compensation. You can also measure part features and apply adjustments to either work offsets or tool compensation. The cycle can be programmed to command the control to re-machine features based on the result of the measurement. The probing cycle may be combined with a series of logic statements to give you even more flexibility.

Use this powerful feature to:

  • Measure your casting before machining and overcome variations applying offsets to each part
  • Run lights out – even when parts vary
  • Output an inspection report after each machined part
  • Detect tool breakage and switch to sister tool

Execution from External Storage (P75) (O)

Enables the use of an external memory device for running and editing programs. Allows your memory device to function like an expansion of your internal SINUMERIK ONE memory, without any restrictions on programs, subprograms, commands or even transferring to another machine.

Residual Material Detection (P13) (O)

The SINUMERIK ONE automatically recognizes Rest Machining situations, simply call up the Residual Machining canned cycle, enter a few simple inputs and the control does the rest! Match the tool to the operation for fastest machining: large tool for hogging, smaller tool for regions the large tool won’t reach. Multiple Residual Machining cycles in the same feature gives you the flexibility to minimize cycle times.

Shopmill (P17) (O)

True conversational programming you can do right on the shop floor. Write complete part programs or insert a feature within another program. With guidance from Animated Elements, Tool Tips, Dynamic Graphics, Canned Cycles and Context-Sensitive Help to guide you can create programs with ease. You won’t have to go back to the person who programmed the part to fix or add to your program.

Simultaneous 3D Run (P22) (O)

3D Solid model graphics real time while running a program. It is a great way to check the progress of your job, especially when you are running a lot of coolant.

TRACYL/Cylinder Surface Transformation (M27) (O)

Wraps a 2D shape around a cylinder, enabling you to program features onto a cylinder using the 4th Axis option of your VMCsi machine.

Handwheel Run - SINUMERIK ONE

Handwheel Run (M08) (O)

Run the programmed moves by turning the handwheel. You control the feedrate by moving the Manual Pulse Generator on the control panel and the actual programmed path is moved. Adjust the relationship between the handwheel turns and the feedrate with 4 different resolution settings. Seamlessly go between Handwheel Run and fully automatic CNC run. Great for setups and for confidence making that first part!

Options Packages
Tremendous value compared to a al carte

Job Shop Package (S41)

Surfacing Package (S42)

Shop Mill (P17)
DXF Reader (P56)
Residual Material Detection (P13)
3D Simulation (P25)
Simultaneous 3D Run (P22)
TRACYL/Cylinder Surface Transformation (M27)
Execution from External Storage (P75)
Advanced Surface Motion Control (S07)
Top Surface (S17)
Measuring Cycles for Drilling/Milling (P28)
User Program Memory 5.1 GB* (P12)
*You do not need to buy the MEM-External option if you buy either package.