ProtoTRAK® CNC - Made in the U.S.A.

The ProtoTRAK CNC is featured on these products:
TRAK CNC Bed Mills featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC

The best machines ever made for toolroom and short run production.

TRAK CNC Knee Mills

The best built, best supported knee-type milling machines you can buy.

TRAK RX Series Toolroom Lathes

TRAK toolroom lathes make every turning job easier and more productive.

TRAK Toolroom Machining Center

A VMC with the perfect blend of toolroom and production functionality.

TRAK 2op Vertical Machining Center

The VMC that goes almost everywhere, does almost anything, and is easy to use.

ProtoTRAK CNC Knee Mill Retrofits

Make your manual machines more productive with a ProtoTRAK.

TRAK® machines feature the ProtoTRAK control — the machinist’s choice for productivity and ease of use. TRAK Machine Tools makes Lathes, Bed Mills, Vertical Machining Centers, Knee Mills and Knee Mill CNC Retrofits.

Why buy a ProtoTRAK-Equipped Machine?

  • The ProtoTRAK CNC is the easiest to use conversational language control on the market.
  • The ProtoTRAK CNC helps machinists transition from manual to CNC machines.
  • The ProtoTRAK CNC is made in the U.S.A. by engineers who understand the needs of machinists.
  • The ProtoTRAK CNC is integrated into each machine at the factory.
  • TRAK Machine Tools provides unparalleled service, support and training for all machining products.
  • TRAK Machine Tools - Southwestern Industries, Inc. has been serving the needs of machinists since the early 1960's.

Looking for our ProtoTRAK Upgrade for Mills?

Toolroom Mill Specialists - TRAK Field Service Technicians
Your TRAK machines are in good hands with our Field Service Technicians.

TRAK Machine Tools is home to the ProtoTRAK CNC and a collection of toolroom and production machines that help machinists and CNC operators be more productive.