Machines featuring the ProtoTRAK CNC

Auto Geometry Engine® (A.G.E.)

CAD power while you program — only in the ProtoTRAK

Sometimes you get prints that don't have the data you need. So before you can make the part, you've got to track down the originator of the print and get him to redo it for you.

The Auto Geometry Engine® (A.G.E.) is the answer to that. It is powerful software that automatically fills in missing print dimensions as you program. It is CAD capability embedded into ProtoTRAK RMX programming.

ProtoTRAK RMX CNC Auto Geometry Engine Sample Print

This print lacks the dimensions for several intersections and even one arc center.

Not called out on print:

  • Intersection of lines 3 and 4
  • Intersection of lines 5 and 6
  • Intersection of lines 7 and 8
  • Center of arc 8
  • Intersection of arcs 8 and 9
  • Intersection of arcs 9 and 10

Yet you can easily program the complete profile using A.G.E.!

Here is a snapshot of how it works:

ProtoTRAK RMX CNC Auto Geometry Engine Sample Event

Tap to Guess

And thanks to the new touchscreen, A.G.E. now has Tap to Guess.

We tapped the screen here and the A.G.E. entered the data from our fingertip as the guess.

ProtoTRAK RMX CNC Auto Geometry Engine Tap To Guess

Once we define Event 10, the A.G.E. was able to calculate Event 9.

ProtoTRAK RMX CNC Auto Geometry Engine Last Event

It really is that good!

See the entire part programming: A.G.E. Program Manual Excerpt (PDF 371KB)